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    This site updated Dec 9,2012
    Cross Refence of Guns.
    J.C Higgins Cross refence Guide.
    Example (A JC higgins Marked with a 10 Is/was made by Hi standard and stamped Jc Higgins Model 10.)
    J.C Higgins Model Maker Makers Model #
    1. 10 High Standard 583.
    2. 11 High Standard 582.11
    3. 14 High Standard 514/583.1400
    4. 18AC Savage 18AC
    5. 20 High standard Models .ap112,583.53 to 60..200 to 2003,k10,.2005.2050,.2006.2051,k101,k160,k1200,k1211,200,
    6. 21 High Standard models,k2011/583.2079,.2080,2080,k410,.2086,.2075,.2078,k4111.
    7. 25 High Standard Models SK/583.2500,6005,a1041,ap422,A100,1101,A102,a103,
    8. 28&30 High Standard 583.70 to 74
    9. 29 High Standard 583.85,.79.78,.2900
    10. 31 High Standard A1041/583.82,.75,.3100
    11. 33 High Standard P1011/583.77,.80,.3300
    12. 34 High Standard A102/583.3400,.3401,.3403
    13. 35 High Standard FK6006/583.3500,.3501
    14. 36 High Standard 583.81,.84
    15. 41 Marlin 101
    16. 41DL&41A Marlin 122/103.2751
    17. 42 Marlin 80/103.18800
    18. 42DL Marlin 80
    19. 42MDL Marlin 980
    20. 43 Marlin 81
    21. 43DL Marlin 81
    22. 44DL Marlin 57
    23. 44DLM Marlin 57M
    24. 45 Marlin 336C/103.451
    25. 46 Marlin 56
    26. 46DL Marlin 56
    27. 50 High Standard 583.90,.91,.92,.95,.98
    28. 51 High Standard 583.99,.100
    29. 51L High Standard 583.510-5103
    30. 52 High Standard 583.126
    31. 53 Savage 110/273.1830
    32. 54 Browning FN 300
    33. 54 Winchester 94/273.810
    34. 60. High Standard C100/583.62 TO 67,.600 and AP212,C101
    35. 66 High Standard C100/583.606,.601,.602C101,.AP212
    36. 73 Savage 73
    37. 73W Winchester 70/273.532730
    38. 74 Marlin 59
    39. 75 High Standard C2011/583.701,.7500,.C1200,.C1211,.C200
    40. 80 High Standard M100/583.800
    41. 85 UNIQUE Corsair
    42. 88 High Standard r101/583.881,.880,.R102,R100
    43. 90 High Standard 22/583.992,.994,.995
    44. 97 Savage 94
    45. 97AC Savage 94AC
    46. 98 Savage 944
    47. 101.1 Savage 94
    48. 101.7 Savage 311
    49. 101.7C Savage 311C
    50. 101.24 Savage 15-120
    51. 101.25 Savage 59
    52. 101.40 Savage 940,940Y,940B
    53. 101.100 Savage 96,96Y
    54. 101.1120 Springfield 951,51
    55. 101.1380 Springfield 18c
    56. 101.1610 Savage 540DL AND Savage Fox DL
    57. 101.1701C Savage 540BSE
    58. 101.1710 Savage 540BDE
    59. 101.2830 Savage 73
    60. 101.5350 Savage 18
    61. 101.5350D Savage 18DAC
    62. 101.5380 Savage 18AC,18DS
    63. 101.5380D Savage 18DAC
    64. 101.5410 Springfield 18S
    65. 101.5410D Springfield 18DS
    66. 101.52772 Savage 65M
    67. 101.53521 Savage 340
    68. 103.2 Marlin 80
    69. 103.10 Marlin 90
    70. 103.13 Marlin 81
    71. 103.14 Marlin 90-410
    72. 103.16 Marlin 80
    73. 103.18 Marlin 100
    74. 103.181 Marlin 101
    75. 103.209 Marlin 80
    76. 103.211 Marlin 81
    77. 103.228 Marlin 80
    78. 103.229 Marlin 81
    79. 103.237 Marlin 336-35CA
    80. 103.238 Marlin 336
    81. 103.248 Marlin 81
    82. 103.252 Marlin 80
    83. 103.273 Marlin 980
    84. 103.274 Marlin 122
    85. 103.277 Marlin 100
    86. 103.279 Marlin 80
    87. 103.281 Marlin 81
    88. 103.285 Marlin 81
    89. 103.288 Marlin 57
    90. 103.289 Marlin 57M
    91. 103.310 Marlin 90-20 ga
    92. 103.360 Marlin 90-16 ga
    93. 103.450 Marlin 336
    94. 103.451 Marlin 336
    95. 103.720 Marlin 59
    96. 103.740 Marlin 59
    97. 103.2235 Marlin 90-12 ga
    98. 103.2751 Marlin 122
    99. 103.2800 Marlin 80
    100. 103.2840 Marlin 80
    101. 103.2850 Marlin 81.
    102. 103.2870 Marlin 56
    103. 103.19780 Marlin 101
    104. 103.19790 Marlin 80
    105. 103.19800 Marlin 80
    106. 103.19820 Marlin 81
    107. 103.19840 Marlin 56
    108. 103.19880 Marlin 57
    109. 103.198890 Marlin 57M
    110. 200 Winchester 1200/273.2250,.2010
    111. 234 Savage 234
    112. 300 Wichester 1400/273.2500,.21010
    113. 400 Winchester 101/273.12510,.12710
    114. 583.14 High Standard 10
    115. 583.22 High Standard M10,.BA,.20GA
    116. 583.23 High Standard M10,BA,12 GA
    117. 583.24 High Standard M10,BA 16GA
    118. 583.514 High Standard pump 20 ga
    119. 583.880,881 JC Higgins 88
    120 583.1100 High Standard BA-Tub-SG
    121. 583.1101 High Standard BA-Tub-SG
    122. 583.1102 High Standard BA-Tub-SG
    123. 583.2003 Higgins 20,12 ga pump
    124. 583.2004 High Standard Flite King 120,12 ga
    125. 583.2078/9 High Standard 20 ga pump
    126. 667OH Stevens 67
    127. MZM Savage 34.

    Belknap Cross refence
    1.B-63 Stevens 947.
    2.B-63E Savage 940E.
    3.B-64 Stevens 67.
    4.B-65C Savage 745.
    5.B-68 Stevens 94C.
    6.B-68D Savage 94D.
    7.B963 Stevens 120.
    8.B964 Stevens 87n(J).
    9.B967 Stevens 87J(N).

    Firestone cross refence
    1.10P30 Marlin 81.
    2.10P37 Marlin 80.
    3.10P64 Marlin 336.
    4.10P68 Marlin 88.
    5.10P90 Marlin 39A.
    6.10P253 Marlin 56.

    Ranger cross refence.
    1.34 Marlin 65.
    2.34A Marlin 80C and 780.
    3.35A Marlin 66A.
    4.36 Marlin 80.
    5.101.8 Stevens 83.
    6.101.11A Stevens 87A.
    7.104.7 H&R 120.
    8.105.20 H&R 120.
    9.120 Winchester 1200.
    10.400 Stevens 311.

    Klein cross refence.
    1.60 Noble 60.
    2.70 Noble 70.
    3.235 Noble 235.
    4.275 Noble 275.

    Mages & Co cross refence.
    1.M25 Coronet 55.
    2.M25C Marlin 55.

    Marky Bros cross refence
    1.Thunder bolt JL is a Marlin 101.

    Katz cross refence.
    1.F71 Marlin 8c.
    2.F1143 Marlin 55.
    3.F1180 Marlin 55.
    4.F1185 Marlin 989.
    5.F1282 Marlin 989m2-989.
    6.F1287 Marlin 55-50G.

    Talo cross refence.
    1. 120L Savage 120.
    2. 176DL Savage 67.
    3. 176VR Savage 67VR.
    4. 494DL Savage 944.
    5. 710DL Savage 110E.
    6. 781DL Savage 187.

    New Haven cross refence.
    1.283 Mossberg 183.
    2.679 Mossberg 472ca and SBA.
    3.900B Mossberg 800B.
    4.910A Mossberg 810A.
    5.910B Mossberg 810B.

    1.10 Noble 10.
    2.20 Noble 20.
    3.31 Marlin 50.
    4.32 Marlin 50.
    5.33 Noble 33.
    6.33A Noble 33A.
    7.60 Noble 60.
    8.70 Noble 70.
    9.235 Noble 235.
    10.275 Noble 275.
    11.602 Noble 602.

    Montgomery Ward/Westernfield cross refence.
    1.1 Mossberg FR-1.
    2.O4M-214A Mossberg 85C.
    3.O4M-215A Mossberg 85.
    4.O4M-216A Mossberg 83C.
    5.O4M-217A Mossberg 75C.
    6.O4M-218A Mossberg 73c.
    7.O4M-390A Mossberg 26B-C,22-BA-SS.
    8.O4M-489A Mossberg 50.
    9.O4M-2117A Mossberg 9.
    10.5/22LR-A Unique 5.
    11.5-4 Mossberg 8-m4.
    12.9-2 3/4 Mossberg 9 1/2.
    13. 10 Deerfld Noble 10.
    14. 10SD247A Savage/Stevens 94.
    15.14 Savage 39A-59A.
    16. 14M-215A Mossberg 85.
    17.14M-288A Mossberg 50.
    18. 14M-479B Mossberg 42.
    19. 15 Mossberg 80.
    20.15A Mossberg 83.
    21. 16 Mossberg 85.
    22. 16A Mossberg 85.
    23. 17 Mossberg 73.
    24. 17A Mossberg 73.
    25. 18 Mossberg 75.
    26. 24M-488A Mossberg 51.
    27. 24M-491A Mossberg 346.
    28. 25EKN-165 Kessler 30C.
    29. 30 Stevens 520A.
    30. 31A Mossberg 40.
    31. 31A Mossberg 44.
    32. 32 Mossberg 20.
    33. 32 Mossberg 21.
    34. 33 Mossberg 336.
    35. 33 Noble 33.
    36. 33A Noble 33A.
    37. 35A Mossberg 30.
    38. 35 Stevens 520A.
    39. 36 Mossberg 10.
    40. 36 Stevens 52B-82-83NS.
    41. 36B Mossberg 25A.
    42. 36B Mossberg 10.
    43. 36C Mossberg 25A.
    44. 36D Mossberg 26C
    45. 37 Mossberg 30.
    46. 37 Stevens 56 and 056.
    47. 39 Mossberg 25.
    48. 40 Marlin 101.
    49. 40D Mossberg 44.
    50. 40M Mossberg 185.
    51. 40N Noble 40.
    52. 40NA Stevens 820.
    53. 40NA Noble 40A.
    54. 41 MOSSBERG 45.
    55. 45 Mossberg 42.
    56. 45 Marlin 989M2.
    57. 45B Mossberg 26C.
    58. 46C Mossberg 25A.
    59. 46 Mossberg 42.
    60.46A Mossberg 42.
    61. 46C Mossberg 42A.
    62. 46D Mossberg 42c.
    63. 47 Mossberg 45A and 45AC.
    64. 47A Mossberg 45A.
    65. 48 Mossberg 45aA
    66. 48A Mossberg 45b.
    67. 50 Marlin 60 and 99.
    68. 50 Stevens 515.
    69. 52 Savage 315.
    70. 60 Savage 620A.
    71. 60sb Savage 620A.
    72. 72 Noble 50.
    73. 72C Mossberg 472.
    74. 79 Mossberg 472.
    75. 81 Savage 29.
    76. 93M Mossberg 26C.
    77. 93M-210A Mossberg 85B.
    78. 93M-211A Mossberg 83B.
    79. 93M-212A Mossberg 73B.
    80. 93M-213A Mossberg 75B.
    81. 93-491A Mossberg 46B.
    82. 93M-495A Mossberg 45B.
    83. 93M-497A Mossberg 42C.
    84. 93M-2116A Mossberg 9.
    85. 150 Mossberg 183k.
    86. 155 Mossberg 183D.
    87. 160 Mossberg 385K.
    88. 170 Mossberg 395K.
    89. 172 Mossberg 395K.
    90. 173 Mossberg 395.
    91. 175 Mossberg 385K.
    92. 215A Mossberg 85.
    93. 235 Noble 235.
    94. 390A Mossberg 26C.
    95. 402 Noble 40A.
    96. 466 Mossberg RA1.
    98. 469 Mossberg RA1-KIT.
    99. 472 Noble 50.
    100.480 Noble 70.
    101. 488A Mossberg 51.
    102. 489 Mossberg 51.
    103. 500E Mossberg 500.
    104.502-26FR Mossberg 500.
    105. 502 Mossberg 500.
    106. 505 Mossberg 500.
    107. 508 Mossberg 500.
    108. 509 Mossberg 500.
    109. 512 Mossberg 500.
    110. 513 Mossberg 500.
    111. 520 Mossberg 500.
    112. 524 Mossberg 500.
    113. 530 Mossberg 500.
    114. 531 Mossberg 500.
    115. 532 Mossberg 500.
    116. 533 Mossberg 500.
    117. 534 Mossberg 500.
    118. 536 Mossberg 500.
    119. 538 Mossberg 500.
    120. 539 Mossberg 500.
    121. 540 Mossberg 500.
    122. 550A Mossberg 500A.
    123. 550A3 Mossberg 500AB.
    124. 550B Mossberg 500B.
    125. 550C Mossberg 500C.
    126. 550E Mossberg 500E.
    127. 551 Mossberg 500.
    128. 552 Mossberg 500.
    129. 553 Mossberg 500.
    130. 554 Mossberg 500.
    131. 556 Mossberg 500.
    132. 557 Mossberg 500.
    133. 558 Mossberg 500.
    134. 559 Mossberg 500.
    135. 560 Mossberg 500.
    136. 560 Noble 60.
    137. 561 Mossberg 500.
    138. 562 Mossberg 500.
    139. 563 Mossberg 500.
    140. Noble 60.
    141. Noble 602.
    142. 580EJN Colt Colteer.
    143. 679 Mossberg 472.
    144. 710 Savage 110.
    145. 730 Mossberg 810.
    146. 732 Mossberg 810A.
    147. 734 Mossberg 810BH.
    148. 737 Mossberg 336.
    149. 740 Mossberg 336.
    150. 750A Mauser 30-06 98.
    151. 765 Mossberg 810A.
    152. 766 Mossberg 810A.
    153. 767 Mossberg 800A.
    154. 768 Mossberg 800A.
    155. 771 Mossberg 472SBA.
    156. 772 Mossberg 472PCA.
    157. 775 Mossberg 800AD.
    158. 776 Mossberg 800BD.
    159. 778 Mossberg 472BAS.
    160. 780 Mossberg 800A.

    Marlin year of Manufacture.
    Alphabetical and numerical prefixes to serial numbers 1946 to 1985.
    1. 1946-C.
    2. 1947-D.
    19.1964-Y AND Z.

    Period beween 1962-1968 The Month the Firearm was made.

    French Goverment Arsenals and arms Suppliers.
    MAB-Manufacture d'Armes Bayonne
    MAC-Manufacture Nationale d'Arms de Chatellerault.
    MAPF-Manufacture d'Armes des pyrennees Francaises.
    MAS-Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne.
    MAT-Manufacture d'Armes de Tulle.
    MF-Manufacture Francaise d'Armes et Cycles de Saint Etienne or Manufrance SACM Societe Alsacienne de constructions Mecaniques.
    SAGEM-Societe d'Applications Generales Electriqueset Mechanique.

    STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS I have used ,ADJ Adjustable, AE Automatic Ejectors,
    BBL Barrel, BP Butt Plate, CAL Caliber, CB Crescent buttplate, Cond condition, CYL cylinder, Da double action, DB double barrel, DSL detachable side locks, DST double set triggers, EXT extractor, FA forearm, FB flat bolt, FBT full beavertail forearm, FE fore end, FFL Federal Firearms Liscense ,FN Fabrique Nationale, GA Gauge, H&A Hopkins &Allen, H&H Holland & Holland, H&R Harrington & Richardson, MAG magazine, MC Monte Carlo, N Nickel, OA Ovalall, OCT Octagon, OB Octagon Barrel, PG Pistol Grip, PER BAN Made Before Sept 13 1994, QD Quick Detachable, RB Round Barrel, REC Receiver, REM Remington, RF Rim Fire, SA Single Action, SAA Single Action Army, SB Shotgun Butt, SG Straight Grip, SN Serial Number, SR Solid Rib, SRC Saddle Ring Carbine, SS single Shot or Stainless Steel, S&W Smith & Wession, TD Take Down ,VR Vent Rib, WBY Weatherby, WCF Winchester Center Fire, WD Wood, WIN Winchester, WO White Outline, W/O Without, WRA Winchester Repeating Arms, WRF Winchester Rim Fire, WRM Winchester Rimfire Magnum.I say this in Shotgun news or Gunlist.O means Diameter in this list.
    Some Common definitions and phrases used in Gunsmithing.
    Accurize,to hand fit andto make modifacation to produce maximum accuracy.
    Action,That part that the Barrel is attached to.In a rifle it is often called a receiver.Shotgun or Double-Barrel actions house all the mechanism or working parts.The term may also mean the type of action ,side-action,breechaction,bolt-action,snap-action ect.

    Anneal,To render soft,as in the case of steel and other metals,by heating to a low red heat and allowing the article to cool gradually,PLEASE NOTE THIS CAN CAUSE YOUR FIREARM TO BLOW UP SEE A GUNSMITH OR METAL EXPERT.
    Aperture- A open passage on a rear sight,with either a large or small opening.
    Auxiliary Barrel-A rifled barrel that slips into a shotgun barrel,making a shotgun into a rifle.I had one of these for a single shot 12 ga it was in 38-58 cal, and worked pretty well, the taper in the shotgun bore held it in place and a treaded bore end, with a nut held the barrel in place .
    Back-action Lock.-A gun lock in which the main spring and sear are in the rear of the hammer or striker,all of the mechanism are in the wood of the stock.
    Back Strap,rear portion of the handgun frame where a stock is attached.
    Bar-Action lock-A lock that is bedded partly in the frame or action as well as in the stock.In a bar-action lock the main spring is ahead of the hammer or striker.
    Barrel-The steel tube of a rifle or shotgun threw which the Projectile is given motion and is directcted in it line of fight.
    Barrel Band -A metal or other loop fastened around the barrel to hold the barrel to the stock.
    Barrel Bushing,a support in the muzzle of a auto pistol for the Barrel.
    Barrel Cam,Cam surfaces in the Barrel or frame to lock and unlock the breech.
    Barrel or Cylinder Gap,the space between barrel and the cylinder of a revolver normally .006".
    Barrel Extension,a tubular member attached to the rear of a barrel in a semi auto firearm that contains the breech bolt and is moveable on the frame.
    Barrel Link,short bar which raises and lowers the barrel to lock in Colts and Browning type autoloaders.
    Barrel Lug,A section on the barrel for attachment of accessories or to hold other parts.
    Barrel Tang,(hood),At the upper rear of a auto loader pistol and controls longitudinal positions of the barrel and slide when in battery.
    Bolt,(cylinder stop)a stud trew the revolvers frame into a notch in the cylinder to hold the cylinder in alignment with the barrel.
    Bend -The drop below the line of sight at the comb and heel of a shotgun or rifle butt-stock.This name is largly used by British Rifle and Shotgun makers.
    Bent-The notch in the tumbler of a shotgun lock.
    Bolt-A sliding bar used as a breech block in a bolt -action rifle.The working part of the action that locks the cartridge in the chamber.
    Boss,To house other parts or to maintain aliignment with other parts.
    Bore- The interior of a barrel through which the charge passes.The rifle diameter over the lands.Bores or gauges of shotguns are based on the old-time method of fitting spherical bullets of fixed weight.
    Breech pin-The plug with tang attached which is used on all muzzle-loading firearms.
    Breech face,that portion of a revolver or autoloader slide thatsupports the cartridge head upon fireing.
    Browning-An oxidazation produced and retained on the surface of gun barrels by acids.this is to prevent further oxidization or rust.
    Bullet- A small projectile for a firearm made in various forms and weights.
    Bump-The corner or heel of the butt stock at the top of the butt plate.
    Butt-That part of a gunstock that fits against the shoulder.
    Butt plate-something placed on the butt to protect the wood against damage.
    Cam-A rotating piece,eccentrically pivoted;placed in diffent parts of a rifle or shotgun actions to give short locking motions.
    Cap Groove-on a percussion revolver,the clearance cuts in the recoil shield to allow easy application od caps and to provide clearance for firer caps.
    Carbonizing-The heat treatment of mild steel to make the outer surface hard.The surface absorbs carbon from the material used (Carcoal)and forms a very hard outer surface,to me the same as pack harding and case harding.
    Carbine-A form of rifle short enough to be eisily carried on horseback.
    Cast-off-The distance the stock is offset at the heel,to the right ,from a straight line with the axis of the bore.It is called cast-on when to the left.for the right handed person it is to the right on all rifles and shotgun.
    Chamber-The enlarged space or recess in the breech of a rifle or shotgun barrel where the cartridge is placed.
    Chamber Indicator-a pin or button or lever which is forced outward when a cartidge is chambered in a autoloader to indicate the gun is loaded may be a separate part or a design function of the extractor.
    Check Piece-A projection on a part of the butt stock to afford a rest for the cheek at the time of firing.
    Cocking Piece- The projecting end of the striker extending back and free of the bolt in the bolt-action rifle.
    Comb- That part of the stock behind the hand where the check rests when shooting.
    Combat Conversion-A shortened and lightered handgun intended for Law enforcement use.
    Combat Guard-A trigger Quard reshaped at the front to provide A secure seat for the off-hand forefinger in two-hand shooting.
    Combat Sight-A adjustable Target sight of low profile.
    Cordite-made of nitroglycerin which comes in cords,a very high-volocity smoke-less powder.
    Conversion Unit-Parts to change a existing guns Caliber or Configuration
    Crane or yoke-in a side swing revolver the part that is pivoted to the frame/receiver and carriers the cylinder.
    Crown-a radiused or recessed portion of a barrel muzzel which protects the edge of the bore from impact damage.
    Cross Bolt- used on shotgun actions to lock the barrel to the standing breech.
    Cylinder-The part of a revolver where to cartridges are held.
    Cylinder Latch-the part that usually is moved by the thumb to disengage the cylinder on a revolver so the arm will swing out to load or unload the cylinder.
    Damascus-The guns where made by twisting metal strips and welding the strips together to form a barrel,they barrels are not intended to shoot smokeless powders see a gunsmith before shooting a Damasus barrel.
    Dehorn-cutting off the hammer spur and other projections from a revolver or a auto to speed up firing.
    Disconnector,interuptor- device in a autoloader to prevent more than one shot firered with a single trigger pull.
    Double Action,with a single trigger movement to cock and fire from a uncocked position.
    Dog -A old time name for sear,or cocking lever,trigger for each barrel of a double barreled weapon.
    Drop-Distance measured from line of sight to the top of the heel and comb of a gun stock.
    Ejector-An automatic device by which the fired shell is exspelled from the chamber.
    Ejector Rod,rod produding from under the barrel of a revolver which is pushed rearward to extract and eject cases from a cylinder.
    End Play,in a revolver to much play in the cylinder.
    Extractor-a automatic spring shaped hook,which draws the empty fired case from the chamber.
    Feed Lips-upper edges of a magazine that position and quide cartridges in feeding into the chamber.
    Feed Ramp-on a barrel or frame the postion that guides the cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.
    Firing Pin-part of the action the part that strikes the primer and firers the cartridge.
    Firing pin Block A device to stop the firing pin from reaching the primer until the block is disengage.
    Firing pin bushing a hardened bushing around the firing pin hole to help with firing pin protrusion.
    Firing pin stop-for retaining the firing pin in a auto pistol used remove the firing pin with out tools.
    Flute-on a revolver's, cylinder the long cut out sections between the chambers.
    Fly- On a revolver's hammer a spring used to allow the hammer to be raised and dropped by a single pull of the trigger in double action.
    Follower-used to push the cartidges upward at the proper angle to feed into the chamber.
    Forcing Cone-A Funneled area at the rear of a revolver Barrel where the bullets pass in to the cylinder.
    Forearm-That portion of the stock lying under the barrel in front of the action,also called for-end.
    Frame lug-On a revolver A section which engages the rear of the cylinder when opened to keep it properly aligned for subsequent closing.
    Fizzen-On a flint- lock ,the steel plate that receives the blow of the cock and covers the pan also called the hen.
    Front Sight, sight located nearest the muzzle old timers call it a foresight.
    Grid Adaptor-On a revolvers between the trigger guard and butt a curved block to allow a better hold.
    Grip- also called the hand,of a butt-stock and a grip used with a revolver and pistol.
    Grip Safety-A safety on the grip or Stock that must be pushed to allow the gun to fire.
    Guard-metal that loops around the trigger to pretect it.
    Hammer- that part of the gun lock that strikes the firing pin.
    Hammer Block-A block that stops the travel of the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
    Hammer gun -when the hammers are on the outside of the action.
    Hammerless Gun-A gun where the hammers are concealed.
    Hand-The operating lever which turns the cylinder when the hammer is pulled back on a revolver.
    Hinge Pin- The pin in the action of a shotgun in which the barrel plays.
    Lands-space between the grooves in rifling.
    Leaf Sight- A rear sight with one or more folding leaves for various ranges.
    Lever-The moving handle,whick locks and unlocks the action in guns or double rifles.such as top-lever,side- lever,under-lever.
    Lock Plate-The flat plate on the side of a shotgun or double-rifle actions which all the parts of the gun lock are built.
    Loading Gate-A part on A revolver that swings out to expose the chambers of the revolvers cylinder for loading.
    Lower Rib-The rib underneath and between the barrels of a shotgun or double rifle.
    Lump-The projecting fin in the center breech end of the barrels of a shotgun or double rifle which desends into the flat of the bolt and forms the abutment into which the sliding bolt engages.
    Magazine-A device to hold extra cartridges.
    Main Spring-the large spring in the gun lock which impacts action and power to the hammer.
    Monte Carlo-A form of butt stock in which the comb is carried back horizontally almost to the butt,when it descends abruptly to the heel portion.
    Mounts-a cradle which carriers the telescope.
    Muzzle-The exit end of a rifle or shotgun barrel.
    Over and Under-A gun or rifle in which the barrels are placed vertically,one over the other.
    Pistol-A small variety of firearm so made as to be easily carried in the pocket and fired with one hand.or a hand gun.
    Proof Marks-Impressions of stamp made on shotguns and rifle barrels to inditcate that they have been proved.see below
    Proving -Testing gun barrels with a 30%to 40% overcharge to make certain if the barrels or action are of the prequisie strenght.
    Ramp-A slope or incline.The sloping part of a front sight base on a rifle.
    Rebounding Lock-A lock in which the top of the main spring and the crank of the tumbler are so lenghtened that when the trigger is pulled the hammer delivers its blow and immediatly rebounds to its safety position.
    Rim Fire-A cartidge in which the priming mixture is placed in the fold of the head of the shell.
    Scoll Guard-A extension downward from the trigger gaurd or an extra-long guard used to improve the grip on match rifles.
    Sear-the part that engages the cocking piece.sometimes a part of the trigger,the firing mechanism of a rifle.on a shot gun the sear is separate from the trigger.
    Side Screw-long screw that extends throught the stock to secure the locks to the frame and stock,some times they are pins.
    Steady pin- small pin or projection of a main spring which fits in the lock plate.
    Toe-The extremity of the stock which rests nearest the armpit.
    Trigger- the small finger lever under the gun,which when pressed releases the spring and hammer.
    old timers call it tricker because it did the trick.
    Trigger Plate-the plate where the trigger are pivoted.
    Tumbler-The hammer of a hammerless gun.
    NRA, Standards to describe used firearms, this is the industry standard,Condition Desscriiption.
    1. New, Not previously sold at retail,in the same condition as current factorry production.
    2.New but Discontinued , same as new but a discontinued model.
    This for other then new firearms, still NRA RULES and the industry Standand.
    3.Perfect, in new condition in every way.I believe a firearm is still perfect after it has been shot,some people do not beleive this.
    4.Excellent,new condition,slightly used,no marred wood or metal,blueing perfect execept at muzzle and some rounded edges.
    5.Very Good, In perfect working condition,no noteable wear on working surfaces,no rust,or pitting,only minor surface dents and scratches.
    6.Good,In safe working condition,may have mirror wear on stock and metal, but all parts are working fine,no major rust ,or pitting, or anything that will interere with the proper fuctioning of the firearm.
    7.Fair,in safe working condition,but well used,may reguire replacement of minor parts ,or adjustments, these parts and ajustments should be told to you ,before you buy the firearm,may have rust, but will not make the firearm unsafe to shoot.
    8.Poor,This how I descibe poor condition firearms, buttugly,stay away from poor condition firearms, except if you are a Gunsmith and or a Gun Parts Seller.or are looking to build a Firearms. To build one Good condition firearm you will most likely need two or three of the Poor condition firearms to build (one Good firearm.)
    A Lot of older Barrels where made from Chome Molybdenum SAE 4150.Today most Barrels are made out of 416 type stainless or 4140 type chome-moly steels.see steel guide.
    U.S Military cartridges color codes,Black tip means Armor piercing,light blue means Incendiary,Red is for Tracers.
    Trade name guide.
    Acme, name used on Shot guns made by W.H .Davenport Firearms CO,also used by Hopkins and Allen Co,and Maltby,Henley and Co,on revolvers.
    Acme Arms Co,name used by, J.Stevens Arms and tool co,on Pistols and shotguns.
    N.R.Adams name used by N.R.Davis and Co on shotguns.
    Aetna name put on revovlers By Harrington and Richardson.
    Alamo Ranger A Spanish revolver.
    Alaska,name put on revolvers by Hood Firearms Co.
    Alert, name put on Revolvers By Hood Firearm Co.
    Alexis,name used by Hood firearms Co on revolvers.
    Allen 22, name used on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen Co.
    America,name used on revolvers by Crescent Firearms Co.
    American ,Name used by Ely and Wray on Revolvers.
    American Barlock Wonder,name used by H & D Folson on shotguns sold by Sears.
    American Boy Name used on firearms by Townley metal and hardware co.
    American Bulldog ,name used by Iver Johnson on revolvers.
    American Bulldog revolver,name used by Harrington and Richardson on revolvers.
    American Eagle,name used on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    American Gun Co,name put on firearms sold by H&D Folsom.
    American Nitro,name used by H and D Folsom on shotguns.
    Americus,name used by Hopkins and Allen on revovers.
    The Arab, a name put on Shotguns by Harrington And Richardson co.
    Aristrocrat,a name put on revovlers by Hokpins and Allen and Supplee-Biddle Hardware store.
    Armory Gun Co.A name used by H & D Folsom on shotguns.
    Aubrey Shotguns name used on Shotguns that where made by Sear.
    Audax,name uded on Semi Auto pistols By D'Armees Pyrenees.
    Autogarde,Name used on semi autos pistols by Societe Francaise des Munitions.
    Automatic,name put on Revovlers by Forend and Wadsworth,,Harrington and Richardsons,and Iver Johnsons.
    Auto Stand,name put on semi autos pistols made buy Francaise d'Armes.
    Baby Hammerless,name put on revolvers by Henry Kolb and R.F.Sedgley.
    Baby Russian,name put on Revolvers by American Arms Co.
    Baker Gun Co,also Baker Gun and Forging Co,name used by H. & D. Folsom on shotguns.
    Bang Up,name put on Revolvers by Graham and Haines Co.
    T.Barker,Shotguns made by H.& D. Folsoms.
    Barlett Field,Name put on Shotguns By Hillard,Spencer,Bartlett & Co.
    Batavia,and Batavia Leader,Names put on shotguns made by Baker Gun Co.
    Bay State,Name put on firearms made by Harrington And Richardson.
    Belknap,name used on shotguns made by Cresnt for Belknap Hardware Co.
    Berkshire,Name used by H.& D. Folsonm on shotguns made for Shapleigh Hardware.
    Bicycle,Name used by Harrington & Richardsons on Firearms.
    Big All Right,Name used on Shotguns made by Wright Arms Co.
    Black Beauty,name used on Firearms sold by Sears.
    Black Diamond,Shotguns made in Belgain.
    Black Diana,name put on shotguns by Baker Gun Co.
    Blackfield,name put on Shotguns By Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett and Co.
    Black Prince,Name used by Hopkins and Allen on Revolvers.
    Bluefield,Name used by W.H.Davenport Firearms Co on Shotguns.
    Bluegrass,Bluegrass Arms Co, names put on shotguns by/for Belknap Hardware Co mainly made by H..& D. Folsom.
    Blue Jacket,name used by Hopkins and Allen on Revolvers.
    Blue Whistler,name used by Hopkins and Allen on Revolvers.
    Bogardus Club Gun,Name used on shotguns that where made in Belgium.
    Boltun,name used by F.Arzmendi on semi auto pistols.
    Bonanza,name used by Bacon Arms on Revolvers.
    Boom ,name put on revolvers by Shattluck Arms Co.
    Boss,name used on single shot derringers for E.H AND AA Buckland.
    Boys Choice ,name put on revolvers by Hood firearms co.
    Bride Black prince,name put on shotguns by H.AND D. Folsoms.
    Bridge Gun Co,trade name of Shapeigh Hardware Co.
    Bridgeport Arms Co,name used on shotguns by H.and D. Folsom.
    Bright Arms co,name used by H.and D. Folsom.
    Brownie, name used by W.H Davenport on shotguns and O.F Mossberg on a 4 bbl pistol.
    Brutus,name used on revolvers by Hood firearms co.
    Buckeye,name put on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    Buffalo,name put on semi auto pistols by Gabliongo y Urresti.and a name used by Western Arms Co for revolvers.
    Buffalo Bill,name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson.
    Buffalo Stand,name put on target pistols made by Franaise d'Armes.
    Bull Dog, name put on revolvers for Forehand and Wadsworth.
    Bull Dozer,name put on revolvers by Norwich pistol co,and Forehand and Wadsworth Co,and Hammond Patent pistols.
    Bull Frog ,name put on rifles by Hopkins and Allen.
    Bulls Eye,name put on revolvers by Norwich falls pistol co.
    Burdick,name put on shotguns for Sears made by H.and D.Folsom.
    Cadet,,name used on rifles made by Crescent firearms co.
    Canadian Belle, name put on shotguns by H.and D.Folsom.
    Cannon Breech,name used by Hopkins and Allen on shotguns.
    Captain ,name put on pistols made by Manfacture d'Armes Pyrenees.
    Captain Jack, name put on revolvers by Hpkins and Allen.
    Carolina Armes Co,,name put on shotguns made by H.and D. Folsom.
    Centennial 1876,name used by ,Deringer Pistol Co,and Hood Firearms Co, on revolvers.
    Central Armes Co,,name used by W.H.Davenport on shotguns.

    -Crestent Firearms made firearms under these names,American gun co,Barker gun co,Bellmore gun co.,Caruso,Carolina arms co.,Central arms co.,Cherokee arms co.,Chesapeake gun co.,Compeer,Crescent firearms co,Cruso,Columbian New York arms co.,Cumberland arms co.,Elgin arms co.,Elmira arms co.Empire Empire arms co.Enders oak leaf,Enders Royal service,Essex,Faultless,Faultless goose gun,Forbes f.f.,Hartford arms co,Harvard,Hermitage arms co,Hermitage co.,Howard arms co.,Interstate arms co.,Jackson arms co.Kingsland special,Kingland 10 star,Knickerbocker,Knox All,Lakeside,Lau and co,Leader gun co,Lee special,Lee's Munner special,Marchwood,Massachussetts arms co.,Mohawk,Monitor,National arms co,New York arms co,New rival,Nitro bird,Nitro hunter,Norwich arms co,Not-nac ,Oxford arms co,Peerless,Perfection,Piedmont,Pioneer arms co,Quail,Queen city,Rev o noc,Charles Richer,Rickard arms co.,Royal Service,Rimmel,Shue's special,Southern arms co.,Special service,Spencer gun co.,Sportsman,Springfield arms co.,Square deal,State arms co.,Sterling,Sullivan arms co.U.S.Arms co.,Victor,Victor special,Virginia arms co.,Volunteer,Vulcan arms co.,Wilshire arms co.,Winfield arms co.,Winoca arms co.,Metropolitian,Minnesota arms co.,Mississippi valley arms co.,Wolverine arms co.,Worthington arms co.
    Columbian Firearms Co,name put on revolvers by Maltby,Henley and Co,and on shotguns by Crescent firearms co.
    Combat,name put on firearms by Randell Firearms Co.
    Comet, name put on revolvers by Prescott Pistol Co.
    Commander,name put on revolvers by Norwich Arms Co.
    Commercial,name put on revolvers by Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
    Compeer name put on revolvers by H.and D.Folsom.
    Competition,name for Rifles by John Meunier.
    Conestoga Rifle Works,name used by Henry Leman.
    Connecticut ArmsCo,name used by H and D Folsom.
    Constable, name put on semi auto pistols by Astra.
    Constabulary, name put on revolvers by L.Ancion-Marx.
    Continental, name put on firearms for Great Western Gun Works.
    Continental Arms Co,name used on firearms by Marshall Wells Co.
    Cowboy, name put on revolvers for Hibbard,Spencer and Bartett and Co.
    Cowboy Ranger, name used by Rohde Spencer on Revolvers.
    Crack Shot, name used by J.Stevens on rifles.
    Cracker Jack name put on pistols by J.Stevens Arms Co.
    Creedmoore,name put on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen and Shicago Firearms Co. and On Rifles made by William Wurflein.
    Cresent Guide.
    I found this out when i picked up Liege pistol and no body new anything about who made it,Folson bought Bacon Arms and Crescent Arms around the turn of the century and inported from mainly Belgium the follow list of Maker and model name Baker Gun co,Barker,Bonhill,Franklin,Harrison Arms,Henry Gun co,Hummer,Liege the one I have has the name Melior above RO with Liege underneith,Manton and Co,Mt Vernon Arms Co,Moore and Co,C Parker and Co,Richards,St Louis Arms,Sickels Arms,Stanley,Ten Star,Tiger,Warren Arms,Wilinson Arms,Wilmont Arms ,and Wiltshire Arms.
    Creedmoore Armory,Name used on Rifles by A.D.McAusland.
    Crescent International 1XL,Shotguns by Herman Boker and Co.
    Crown, name on revolvers made by Harrington and Richardson.
    Crown Jewel, name used on revolver by Norwich Arms Co.
    Cruso, name put on shotguns made by H.D.Folsom.
    Cumberland Arms Co.,Name used by H.&D.Folsom on Shotguns.
    Czar,Name put on revolvers for/buy Hopkins and Allen and Hood Firearms Co.
    Daisy,Name put on revolvers buy Bacon Arms Co,and On Winchester Repeating Rifles for Australia.
    Daniel Boone Gun co and Boone Gun Co,names put on firearms for Belknap Hardware Co.
    Daredevel,pistols used by Lou J.Eppinger.
    Davis Guns,Name put on firearms By N.R.Davis,Davis Warner,and The Crescent-Davis arms Co.
    Dead shot,rifles made by/for Meriden Firearms co.
    Deer Slayer,Rifle made for/By J.Henry and Sons.
    Defender,Revolver made by Iver Johnson and knife pistols by/for U.S Small Arms Co.
    Defiance,Revolvers By Norwich Arms Co.
    Delpian Arms Co. shotguns by H.& D.Folsom.
    Demon,semi auto pistols By/for Maufacture d'Armes de Pyrenees.
    Diamond Arms Co,name used on shotguns sold By Shapeigh Hardware.
    Dictator,name put on revolvers By Hopkins and Allen.
    Double Header,Derringers By E.S.Renwick.
    Douglas Arms Co,name put on Shotguns By Hopkins and Allen.
    Dreadnought,name put on revolvers and shotguns By Hopkins and Allen.
    Duchess,name put on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    Dunlap Special,Shotguns made by Davis Warner Armes.
    Eagle Arms put on revolvers By Iver Johnson Arms.
    Earlhood,Name put on revolvers by /for E.L.Dickinson.
    Earthquake,Name for firearms made by/for E.L.Dickinson.
    Eastern Arms Co.,Firearms Made for Sears,Buy Iver johnson Arms.
    Eclipse,shotguns imported By E.C.Meacham.
    Electric City Single Hammer,shotguns Sold by Wyeth Hardware and Manfacturing Co.
    Empire, name put on revolvers by/for Rupertus patented Pistol Co,and on Shotguns by Crescent.
    Empire Arms Co,H.&D.Folsom made firearms and sold By Sears.
    Enders Royal shotguns,name put on Shotguns by Crescent Davis Firearms Co.
    Enders Special Service,Name put on Shotguns By Crescent Davis Firearms Co.
    Enterprise,name put on revolvers by/for Entprise Gun works.
    Essex Gun Works,Name put on Shotguns By Crescent-Davis Firearms Co.
    Eureka,name put on Revolvers By Iver Johnson.
    Excel,name used by H.& D.Folsom and Iver Johnson on firearms Sold by Montgomery Ward.
    Excelsior,Name put on shotguns by Iver Johnson.
    Expert,name put on shotguns made by W.J.Davenport Firearms Co.
    Express,name put on revolvers by Bacon Arms Co.,and on semi auto pistols by Tomas de Urizar.
    Farwell Arms Co. name put on shotguns By Farwell,ozmun,Kirk,And Co.
    Faultless and Faultless Goose Gun,,names put on Shotguns by H.&D.Folsom.
    Favorite,Name put on Rifles by J.Stevens Arms and On Revolvers by Iver Johnson Arms.
    Favorite Navy,name put on Revolvers by Iver Johnson.
    Featherlight,Name put on Firearms sold by Sears.
    Federal Arms Co,firearms made by/for Meriden Firearms Co.
    Folks Gun Works,name put on shotguns and rifles by William and Samuel Folk.
    Frontier,Name put on Revolvers by Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
    Fulton,name put on shotguns By Hunter Arms Co.
    Fulton Arms Co,name put on Shotguns By W.H.Davenport Firearms Co.
    Furor,name put on semi auto pistols made by/for Manufacture d'Armes de Pyrenees.
    Gallia,same as above.
    Game Getter,Rifles by Marble Arms and Manufactacturing Co.
    Gaulois,name put on Pistol By Manufacture d'Armes.
    Gem,name used on single shot pistols by J.Stevens and on revolvers made by Bacon Arms Co.
    General ,name used on revolvers made for/by Rupertus Patented Pistol Manufacturing Co.
    Gerrish,name put on Shotguns by G.W.Gerrish.

    Some names of Small pocket pistols imported from Germany are,Bergmann,Dreyse,Frommer,Haenel,Kolibri,Kommer,Langenhan,Liliput,Mann,Mauser,Menz,Orties,
    J.P.Sauser & Sohn,Schmeisser,Schwarzlose,Simson,Stendawerke,Stock,Waldmann,Walther,Zehna.

    Small poctet pistols made in Belgium and imported in to the U.S Some names are Bayard,Clement,Delu,Jeffico,Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (Browing Patents),Le Rapide,Melior,Pieper (J.Pieper),and Warnant.

    Gibralter,name put on shotguns by Albert Aubrey.

    Some names used on Spanish Pistols,Alkar,Allies,Apache,Astra,Bristol,Bufalo,Bulwark,Destroyer,Eles,Express,Frontier,Gallus,Ideal,Imperial,Kappora,Liberty,Llama,Looking Glass,Martian,Military,Paramount,Pathfinder,Pinkerton,Priinceps,Protector,Royal,Royal Extra,Ruby,S.E.A.M,Sharp Shooter,Sprinter,Star,Stosel,Titanic,Triomphe,U.A.E,Unique,Vencendor,Venus,Victoria,Victory,Vincitor, and Walman.

    Gladiator,name put on shotguns nade by Albert Aubrey and sold by sears.
    Gold Hibbard,name put on firearms by Hillard,Spencer,Bartlett and Co.
    Gold Metal Wonder,name put on shotguns By H.& D.Folsom.
    Governor,name put on revolvers by Bacon Arms Co.
    Guardian,name put on revolvers by Bacon Arms Co.

    .H.& D.Folsoms Guide,
    names used on firearms by H.&D Folsoms Arms Co.Charles Richter Co,Rickard Arms Co,Rival,Rummel Arms Co,St.Louis Arms Co,John M.Smythe & Co,Southern Arms Co,Spencer Gun Co,The Sportsman,Square Deal,Stanley Double Gun,State Arms Co,Sterling,Sullivan Arms Co,Ten Star,Townley's Pal and Townleys American Boy,Traps Best,Triumph,Union Arms Co,U.S Arms Co,Victor,Victor Arms Co,Victor Special,Virginia Arms Co,Volunteer,Volcan,Warner Arms Corp,Western,J.J.WestonWhippet,Wildwood,Wilkinson Arms Co,Wiltshire Arms Co,Winfield Arms Co,Winocca Arms Co,Wolverine Arms Co,Worthington Arms Co,
    Hamilton Arms,name used by Wiebursch and Hilger Co.
    Hammerless Auto Ejecting revolver,name used by Meriden Firearms Co.
    Hanover Arms used on firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    Hard Pan,name used on revolvers by Hood Arms Co.
    Hardford Arms put on shotguns by H.& D.Folsom Arms.
    Harvard,name used on shotguns By H.& D.Folsom Arms.
    Hercules,name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson arms.
    Hexagon,name put on shotguns sold by sears.
    Hinsdale,name put on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    Hood Fiearms co,name guide,Robin Hood,Rodgers Arms Co,Union,Victoria,Whistler.

    J.Stevens arms and tool Company,guide to some of the name they put on firearms.Riverside Arms Co,Springfield Arms Co,Walnut Hill.

    Bacon Arms Co name guide,Rip Rap,Western Arms CO,
    Hornet,name put on revolvers by or for Prescott Pistol Co.
    Hudson,name put on Shotguns by or for Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett and Co.
    Hunter,name put on shotguns by H.& D. Folsom.
    The Hunter,name put on shotguns by Hunter Arms Co.
    Illinois Arms put on firearms by or for Rohde,Spencer Co.
    Imperial,name put on revolver by or for Lee Arms Co.
    Imperial Arms used on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    Infallible,name put on shotguns made by or for Lancaster Arms Co.
    Infallible Automatic Pistol,name used on pistols by Kirtland Brothers Co.
    International,name put on shotguns made by or for E.C.Meacham.
    Interstate Arms Co.Name put on shotguns by H.&D.Folsom.
    I.O.A, name put on firearms made for or by Brown Camp Hardware Co.
    Invincible,name put on firearms by Iver Johnson Arms.
    I.X.L names used by B.J.Hart on percussion pistols and by W.H.Davenport on shotguns.
    Ixor,name put on semi Auto pistls by Manufactue de Pyrenees.
    J.S.T.& Company,name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson.
    Jackson Arms put on shotguns by H.& D. Folsom.
    Jewel,Name put on revolvers by Hood fire Arms Co.
    Joker,Name put on revolvers by Marlin.
    Jupitor,name put on semi auto pistols by or for Fabrique d'Armes grand Precision.
    K.K. name put on shotguns by Hopkins and Allen.
    Kentucky,Name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson.
    Keystone Arms put on shotguns By or for W.H.Davenport Firearms Co.
    Kill Buck,name used by Enterprise Gun Co.
    Killdeer,name put on firearms sold by sears.
    King Nitro,Name put on shotguns by W.H.Davenport Firearms Co.
    Kingsland Gun Co.,name put on shotguns by H.& D.Folsom.
    Knickerbocker,Name put on shotguns by Crescent-Davis Arms Co.
    Knickerbocker Club Gun.Name put on firearms by or for Charles Godfrey.
    Knockabout,name put on shotguns for or by Montgomery Ward.
    Knox-All,name used by Iver johnson for H.&d.Folsom.
    L'Agent,name put on revolvers by Manufacture Francaises d'Armes.
    Lakeside,Name put on firearms H.&D.Folsom that Montgomery ward sold.
    Leader,Names used on revolvers by Shatluck Arms Co and Harrington and Richardson Arms Co.
    Leader Gun Co,name used by H.&D.Folsom on shotguns.
    Le Colonial,names used on revolvers by Manufacture Francaises d'Armes.
    Lee Hummer,name put on firearms by H.& D.Folsom
    Lee's Special,Name used on firearms by H.& D.Folsom
    Le,Francais,Name put on semi Auto pistols by or for Manufacture Francaises d'Armes.
    Le petit Forminable,name put on revolvers by Manufacture Francaises d'Armes.
    Le Protecteur,name put on pistols made by or for J.E.Turbiaux.
    Le terrible,name put on revolvers by Manufactue Francaises d'Armes.
    Liberty,name put on revolvers by or for Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
    Liege Gun Co,name put on shotguns for or by Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett and Co.
    Lion,name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson.
    Little Giant,name put on revolvers by or for Bacon Arms Co.
    Little John,name put on revolvers by or for Hood Firearms Co.
    Little Pal,Name put on knife pistols for or by L.E.Pullhemus.
    Little Pal,name put on revolvers for Sears.
    Long Range Winner,name put on shotguns for Sears.
    Long Rande Wonder,name put on shotguns for Sears.
    Long Tom,Name put on Shotguns for Sears.
    Marquis of Home ,name put on Revolvers for or by Hood Arms Co.
    Mars,name put on Semi Auto pistols for or By Manufacture d'de Pyrenees.
    Marshwood,name put on shotguns by H.& D. Folsom
    Marvel,name put on Firearms by J.Stevens.
    Massachusetts Arms Co.fires Made by H.&D.Folsom.
    Metropolitian,name put on Firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    Metroplitian Police name put on revolver for or by Rohde-Spencer Co.
    Midget Hammerless,name put on Revolvers for or by Rohde-Spencer Co.
    Mikros,name put on semi Auto pistols for or buy Manufacture d'Armes de Pyrenees.
    Minnesota Arms Co,name put on shotguns By H.&D.Folsom.
    Missaubi Arms Co,Name may have been used by Hunter Arms Co on firearms.
    Mississippi Arms Co,Name put on firearms by H.&d.Folsom.
    Mitrailleuse,name put on pistols for or by Gauluis Pistols.
    Mohawk,name put on firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    Mohegan,Name used by Hood Firearms Co.
    Monarch ,name used by Hopkins and Allen on revolvers,and Osgood Gun Works.
    Monitor,names used on revolvers by Whitneyville Armory and H.&D.Folsom on Firearms in general.
    Montgomery Arms Co,name used by H.&D.Folsom on Firearms.
    Mountain Eagle,name put on revolvers by Hopkins and Allen.
    Mount Vernon Arms Co.,name put on firearms by H &.D. Folsom.
    Napoleon,name used on revolver for or by Thomas J.Ryan Pistol manufacturing Co.
    National Arms Co.,name put on firearms by H.AND D.Folsom.
    Nevermiss,name put on pistols by Marlin.
    New Aubrey,name put on revolvers and shotguns for Sears.
    New Britain Arms Co,name used by H.&D.Folsom.
    New Defender,name put on revolvers by Harrington and Richardson.
    New Elgin Arms Co.,name used by H.& D.Folsom.
    New Empire ,Name used on firearms by H.& D.Folsom.
    New Era Gun works,firearms by Baker Gun Co.
    New Haven Arms Co,name put on shotguns imported from Belgian by E.K.Tryon or Great Western Gun Works
    New Liberty,name put on Revolvers for Sears.
    Newport,name put on Shotguns by H.& D Folsom.
    New Rival,name put on Firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    New York Arms Co,name used by H.and D, Folsom.
    New York Pistol Co, name used on revolvers by Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
    Nitro Hunter,name used on shotguns by H.and D. Folsom.
    Nitro King,name put on shotguns for Sears.
    Nitro Special,name put on shotguns by J.Stevens Arms.
    Norwich Arms Co,names put on revolvers by Hood Firearms Co,and on shotguns sold by Marshall Wells Co.
    Norwich lock Manufacturing Co.Name put on revolvers by F.W.Hood firearms co.
    Not-Nac Manufacturing Co,Name put on Firearms By H.&D.Folsom.
    Novelty,name put on Shattluck Unique Pistols buy D.F.Mossberg.
    OK,Names put on firearms by Marlin Firearms Co(Pistols)and Cowles And Son (pistol).
    Old Hickory,name put on shotguns for or By Hibbard,Spencer,and Bartlett and Co.
    Old Reliable,The Sharps Rifle Co.
    Olympic,name used By J.Stevens on pistols and Rifles.
    Osprey,name used on Firearms made by Lou J.Eppinger.
    Our Jake,name used on revolvers by E.L and J.Dickinson.
    Oxford Arms Co.Name put on firearms By H.& D.Folsom Arms Co.
    Pagoma,Name put on firearms by H.&D.Folsom Arms Co.
    Perfect,name put on Revolvers by or for Foehl and Weeks Firearms Manufacturing Co,also name put on semi auto pistols by Manufacture d'Armes de Pyrenees.
    Perfection,names used by H.&D.Folsom and John M Smythe on Firearms.
    Phenix,name used by or for J.Reid on revolvers.
    Phoenix,name used on pistols by J.Reid and Whtneyville Armory on pistols.
    Piedmont,name put on firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    Pinafore,name put on revolvers by Norwich Falls Pistol Co.
    Pioneer Arms Co.Name used on firearms made by H.&D.Folsm.
    Pittsfield Name put on firearms by H.&D.Folsom.
    Plymouth,name put on Firearms For or by Spear and Co.
    Prairie King,names put on revolvers by Bacon Arms Co,and H.&D.Folsom Arms Co.
    Premier,names put on revolvwers by Thomas E.Ryan and Harrington & Richardson,and on firearms for or By Edward K.Tryon and Co and Montgomery Ward.
    Preium ,name put on revolvers by Iver Johnson Arms Co.
    Progress,name used on shotguns by Charles J.Godfrey.
    Protection ,name put on Revolvers for or buy Whitneyville Armory.
    Protector,name put on revolver by the Chicago Firearms Co.
    Protector Arms Co,name put on revolvers by or for Rupertus Patented Pistol Co.
    Quail,Name put onShotguns made by Cresent-Davis Arms Co.
    Queen,name used on Pistols by Hood Firearms Co,and Hyde and Shattuck Co.
    Queen City,name put on Firearms by H.& D.Folsom.
    Raider,name put on pistols by Randell Firearms Co.
    Ranger,Name put on firarms for Sears by Eastern Arms Co,and A wide number of other Arms Co.
    Rapid-Maxim,name put on semi auto pistols by Manufacture d'Armes Pyrenees.
    Red Cloud,name put on revolvers by Ryan Pistol Manufacturing Co.
    Red Jacket,name put on revolvers by Lee Arms Co ,and Hopkins and Allen.
    Reliance,name put on rifles by John Menier.Rev-o-Noc,name put on firearms by H.& D.Folsom.
    Rich-con,name put on shotguns By H.& D.Folsom.
    Richmond Arms Co,name put on firearms by H.&D.Folsom.

    Private Label Quides.
    - Canadian Industries cross refence list,there model 212 is a Savage 7J,model 227 is a Stevens 87J,model 233 is a Savage 85J,model 266 is a Springfield 187,model 607 is Springfield 67,models 607 TD 621 TD and 621 are a Savage model 30,model 710 is a Savage 311,model 725 is a Savage fox BDE,model 830 is a Savage 340,model 871 is a Savage 170,model seriers 950, C and D are all a Savage 110 and C,D.

    Coast to Coast Guide
    Model 40 is a Marlin Model 60.
    Model 42 and model 440 is a Marlin model 70.
    Mosel 70 is a Marlin 70.
    Model 550 and 6088CC are both Marlin model 60.
    Model 180 is a Savave model 58.
    Model 180D is a Savage model 18D.
    Model 182 is a Savage model 18S.
    Model 184 is a Savage Model 951.
    Model 267 is a Savage Model 77.
    Model 285 is a Savage Model 7J.
    Model 286 is a Savage Model 46.
    Model 320 is a Savage model 120.
    Model 367 is a Savage Model 30.
    Model 440 is a Marlin 70.
    Model 650 is a Marlin model 55.
    Model 779 is a Mossberg Model 479.
    Model 843 is a Savage Model 340.
    Model 843-2-DS is a Savage 340.
    Model 843-3-DS is a Savage 340.
    Model 880 is a Mossberg 500.
    Model 946 is a Spring field 947.
    Model 946E is a Savage 940E.
    Model 946Y is a Savage 940Y.
    3030S is a Marlin 30AS.

    Cotter & Company private label Guide
    Model 10-40 is a Marlin 10.
    Model 33 is a Marlin model 336Cand 30A.
    Model 60-50,601 and model GA22 are all Marlin Model 60.
    Model 75-45 is a Marlin Model 75.
    Model 75-4j is a Marlin 75.
    Model 701 is a Marlin Model 70.
    Model 121 is a Savage 120 and 15.
    Model 167 is a Spring field 67.
    Model 167T is a Savage 30 FLD.
    Model 168 is a Savage 67 VR and 30.
    Model 287 is a Savage 87J.
    Model 410 is a Savage 110E.
    Model 424 is a Savage 24-F.
    Model 434 is a Savage 34.
    Model 474 is a Savage 174-170.
    Model 487Tis a Savage 187.
    Model 489 is a Savage 89.
    Model 601 is a Marlin 60.
    Model 645 is a Spring field 745.
    Model 645C is a Savage 745C.
    Model 701 is a Marlin 70.
    Model 842 is a Springfield 840.
    Model 911 is a Savage 511.
    Model 918 is a Savage 18.
    Model 948 is a Savage 940 and 840.
    Model 948E is a Savage 940E.
    Model 949 is a Savage 944.
    Model 949Cis a Savage 94C.
    Model 949Y is a Savage 944Y.
    Model ga22 is a Marlin 75C.

    J.C Higgins Cross Refence Guide.
    Model Maker Model
    10 High Standard 583.
    11 High Standard 583.1101.
    14 High Standard 514/583.1400.
    18AC Savage 18AC.
    20 High Standard ap 112/583.53 to 200.
    20 High Standard k10/.2005/.2050.2006.2501.
    20 High Standard k101.
    20 High Standard k160.
    20 High Standard k1200.
    20 High Standard k1211.
    20 High Standard 200
    21 High Standard K2011/583.2079/2080.2085.
    21 High Standard k410/2086/2075/2078.
    21 High Standard k4111
    25 High Standard SK/583.2500
    25 High Standard 6005
    25 High Standard A1041

    Marlin 19 fits all 19 models 17 Models 21 26 and 49 Models
    Marlin 60 .............................................................................Glenfield New Models 60,also the jc pennys model 6660,and the Otasco 65,and the Western Field 50 is the glenfield 60
    Marlin 80 Fits 81 and 801.see below.
    Mossberg Mod 42 same as 26B,Western field 36B,and Western Field 46.
    Mossberg Mod 500 ..............................................................Western field 550.
    Savage Mod 63 same as 73 models.
    Stevens and Savage both Made 820 model Shotgun.
    Savage 59A ,Same as Western field 33 models and Western field 14.
    Westernfeild 808 C and M,Western field models M-SD57,SB87TA,Belknap model 964A,B964,B967,C.I.L model 227,Canadian Industries model 227AND 266, Cotter and Co model 287 ,Coast to Coast model 288,Gamble Skogkmo models 180N,189J,189n,587,Sears model 101.54880,Sears 232,233 are Stevens 87-7 are the same as Stevens/Savave 87j,m&n seriers and Springfield 187 j,m&n.
    Pioneer Model 750 same as Savage MOD 9
    J.C Higgins 583Y same as Sears Model 583
    Savage 59a is the same as western field 33,14 models.
    Sears model 98,Jc Penneys model 6647,Western auto 356Y,Cotter and Co 949Y,Gambe and Skogmo 594 and 594YAre all Springfield models 944 in Series A or Y.
    Models made by CBC 651,and K-Mart model 151 and 251,are F.IE models SB40,SB41,SB42 AND SB41B single bbl shotguns.

    Glenfield Private Label Guide
    Model 20 is a Marlin Model 780.
    model 30A and 30Gt are both Marlin Models 336 Seriers C and T.
    Model 50 is a Marlin Model 55.
    Model 60 and 65 are Marlin Model 60.
    model 70 is a Marlin 995.
    Model 75 is a Marlin Model 75C.
    Model 30,Western Auto 105-2550 and 105-2554,Montgomery Wards models 33 and 740,Otasco model 30,Sears models 103.450 and 103.451Western Field model 740,Glenfield 30A,Glenfield 35 ,J.C Pennys 2935 and 3040,Western Auto 103.450 and 103.451,200-2550,200-2554, 33 are all Marlin 336.
    Glenfield 50 is a Marlin model 55.
    Glenfield MODELS( 60, 75 and 65) ,Western Auto model 105-2220,are a Marlin model 99.
    Glenfield 70,and Montgomery ward model 45,are all Marlin model 989.
    Glenfield Mod 20 And 25..................................................Marlin 780,the glenfield 20 is also jc pennys 2035 as well as the marlin 80c,and marlin 80

    Savage Guide.
    Savage made firearms under these names Davis,Eastern arms co,Empire,Knickerbocker,Peerless gun,Quail,Stevens,Springfield,Virginia arms co.

    Stevens 314 mod same as Riverside brand DBL shotgun.
    H&R single bbl shotgun the parts are mostly interchangable between or very little diffence between,88j,58,158,148,178,98,198,188a,490,480a,590,162,480,580,159,459,148,99 and 44 models.
    Aldens 670 is A Springfield or a Savage 67.
    Marlin 99c is a Glenfield 60,as well as a Cotter and Company 60-50 is a Glenfield 60,J C Penneys 6660 is a Marlin 60,Otasco 65,and coast to coast model 40.also are marlin/glenfield model 60.
    Russian Tokarev is a Globco Mohawk and navy arms stamped there name on some in 9mm.
    The following firearms are Marlin model 99 M1,Cotter and Co model 75-45,Glenfield model 65,glenfield model 60 is a marlin model 99C,Western Auto Model 120-2220,Otasco model 65 is a Marlin 99C, are all Model 99 seriers Firearms.
    The following firearms where made by either Savage or Springfield and are model 67,Aldens model 670,Belknap model B64,C.I.L. Model 607,Gamble Skogkmo model 567,J.C.Penneys model 6670,Sears models 101.51451,101.51452,101.51454,101.51472 is the sreiers B 67 they are all A Savage or Springfield Model 67 seriers firearm.
    These Sears and other store Brands are all Marlin Model 81 firearms. Sears model 103-13 and 103-1981,103-1982,103.19810,103.19811103.1982103.19820,103.19821,103.229,103.2850,43,43dl,103.13,Western Auto model 103.13, 103.1981, 103.1892, 103.19820,103.229, 103.2850, 110.2140, 105-2140 are all a Marlin 81.
    These retail stores had Marlin stamp there name on Marlin model 101, Sears 103-181,103-19780,103.181,103.1977,103.19770,103.19771,103.19780, 103-1977,Sears 41,Montgomery wards model nw 40, as well as the Glenfield model 10,Western Auto models 103.181,103.18780, 40,Cotter and Co model 10-40, are all a Marlin 101.
    The first numbers on a Sears model Number sometimes tell you the maker means Savage made the firearm, means Universal firearms made the firearm, means Winchester made the firearm, means Ithaca made the firearm,583.XXX means High Standard made the firearm.
    Sears started Meridian Arms Co to make firearms for Sears and others around the turn of the century here are some of the names used on the firearms
    Aubrey,Meridian Arms,Colton Firearms Co,Fryberg and Co,Eastern Arms,Empire State Arms,and Federal Arms.
    These Sears models and other store names are all Marlin 80 Models. 103.2,103.228,103.2840,10.19790,36,42,42DL,103.16,103.19780,103.19790,103.19791,103.19800103.19801,103-228,103-19790,103-19800,SEARS MODEL 42,103.16,103.1and 103-2840,Glenfield model 20 and 25 Westen Auto model 105-2060,103.2840,105.2060,103.16,103.18,103.19790,103.19800,103.2,103.228,J.C Penneys models 2025,2035, J.C Higgins models 36 and 42DL,Ranger model 34A and 36, are Marlin 80.
    Sears 103-229,103-19820,Sears model 43,and 103-2850 is a Marlin 81.SEE ABOVE FOR MORE,
    Sears 103-273 is a Marlin 980.
    Sears 103-274 ,model 41ADL,and 103-2751 is a Marlin 122.
    Sears 103-450 and 103-450,103-451,Sears model 45,as well JC Penneys 3040,Cotter-West point 33,and
    Model 25 is a Marlin Model 78

    Sears 103-2870,and 100-19840,sears model 46 are all Marlin Model 56.
    Sears 103-19880,103-19890,Sears model 44DL,Western Auto model 105-2277, are Marlin model 57.

    Glenfield 50 is a Marlin model 55.
    Glenfield MODELS( 60, 75 and 65) ,Western Auto model 105-2220,are a Marlin model 99.
    Glenfield 70,and Montgomery ward model 45,are all Marlin model 989.

    J C Penneys Private Label quide,
    Model 6630 is a Marlin 50.
    Model 2035 is a Marlin model 20.
    Model 3040 is a Marlin model 336C.
    Model 6630 is a Marlin model 50 12Ga.
    Model 6660 is a Marlin model 60.

    Otasco 30 is a Marlin 30A.

    Cotter-West Point 76-45 is a Marlin 75.

    Sears model 42MDL is a Marlin 980.
    Sears model 101-7 and 101-7C are Stevens 311.
    Sears 101-25 is a Stevens 59.
    Sears 101-40,SEAR 101.10080,Cotter and Co model 948 , and Coast to Coast Model 946,are all a Stevens model 940.The Coast to Coast model 946E is a Stevens 940E,and Coast to Coast model 946Y is a Stevens 940Y.
    Sears 101-1120 is a Stevens 951.
    Sears 101-1380 is a Stevens 18C.
    Sears 101-1610 is a Fox DBL.
    Sears 101-1701 is a Fox BDE 540.
    SEARS 101-2830 IS A STEVENS 73.
    Sears 101-5350 is a Stevens 18.
    Sears 101-5380 is a Stevens 53DS.
    Sears 101-5410 is a Stevens 18S.
    Sears 101-52772 is a Stwevens 65M.
    Sears 101-53521 is a Stevens 340.
    Sears 101-5410D is a Stevens 18.
    Sears 101-5350D is a Stevens 18D.
    Sears 101-5380D is a Stevens 18DA
    Sears 101-1701.C is a Fox BSE Dbl.

    Glenfield model 75 is a Marlin 99-m1.

    Western Auto model 105-2276,103.19880,103.19890,115.2277,116.2276, are a Marlin 57 Seriers.
    Western Auto model 105-2282 is a Marlin 39.
    Westerm Auto model 105-2280 is a Marlin 39A.

    Montgomery Ward private label guide.
    Montgomery Ward model 50 is a Marlin 60.
    Montgomery ward models 740,and 33 are both Marlin model 336C.
    Model 890 and 891 Are Both Marlin Model 39 Seriers A and M.
    Model 737 is a Marlin model 336C.
    Models Emn-174,Emn-175A,Emn-176A are all Marlin mosel 55.
    Montgomery Ward model M815 is a Mosserg 320K.
    Montgomery Ward model M830 is a Mossberg 340K.
    Montgomery Ward model M842 is a Mossberg 346K.
    Montgomery Wards nodel M822 is a Mossberg 640K.
    All the following are Montgomery Ward firearms models ,and where made by Mossberg.
    M855 is a Mossberg 315C,M155 is a Mossberg 273B,M150 is a Mossberg 283T,M175 is a Mossberg 385K,M160is a Mossberg 485,M172 is a Mossberg 395k,M170 is a Mossberg 494A,822/840 are Mossberg model 640,model 846 is a Mossberg 351,models 850 and 828 are Mossberg model 353,model 170 is a Mossberg 395,models 771/772/778 are a Mossberg 472,models 822/840 are Mossberg 640,model 846 is a Mossberg 351,models 850 and 828,and a New Haven 453 are Mossberg model 353.

    New Haven Private Label guide.
    New Haven 284 is a Mossberg 173.
    New Haven 283 is a Mossberg 183.
    New Haven 679 is a Mossberg 472.
    Model 220K is a Mossberg Model 320K-A.
    Model 246K is a Mossberg Model 346K-A.
    Model 250KB is a Mossberg Model 350K-A.
    Model 283D is a Mossberg Model 183D.
    Model 285 is a Mossberg Model 185D-C.
    Model 295 is A Mossberg Model 195D.
    Model 600AB is a Mossberg model 500AB.
    Model 600E is a Mossberg model 500E.
    Model 740 is a Mossberg Model 640.

    I Have read that the first 3 numbers on a Sears Roebuck & Company stand for the maker 101 stands for Savage 121 strands for Univerersal Firearms 153 strands for Laurona Arms 273 stands for Olins or Win 281 Stands for Zoli 282 Companish s Braziliers de Cartuchos 340 Ithca 583 Hi Standard 870 Voere.

    The following are Mossberg 500,,Western Field models , 502-26FR,505,509,524,534,536,539,550A,550AB,550B,550C,550E, New Haven 600AB,600C,600E,and a Western Auto 310 seriars,a,ab,b,c,e,Revelation R310,are all Mossberg 500.

    Western Auto 100 is a Mossberg 321.
    Western Auto 107 is a Mossberg 640.
    Western Auto 330B is a Mossberg 183.
    Western Auto 325BK is a Mossberg 385.
    Western Auto 316 is a Mossberg 390.
    Western Auto 312 is a Mossberg 395.
    Western Auto 205,207 is a Mossberg 472.
    Cotter and co 121 is a Stevens 15.
    Cotter and Co 167 is a Stevens 67.
    Cotter and Co 287,and a 189j Hiawatha are a Stevens 87j.
    Cotter and Co 948 is a Stevens 840.
    Cotter and Co 645 is a Savage 745.
    Cotter and Co 842 is a Stevens 840.
    Cotter and Co 948E is a Stevens 940E.
    Cotter and Co 645C is a Stevens 745C.
    Cotter and co 168,and a Hiawatha 130,are a Stevens 30.
    Hiawatha 189n is a Stevens 87N.
    Sears Guide.
    The following list of (Sears model # are all Winchester model 1400)Prefix of 300. ,300,273.1310,273.1320,273.1350273.21010273.21550,273.2500,273.2540,273.32060,273.32070,273.521050,273.521051,273.521080,273.521090,273.521160.273.521161,273.521250,273.521251,273.521260,273.521280,273.521290,273.521580,273.5215680,273.521710,273.521770,273.521780,273.523251273.52151.
    The following Sears Model # are All (Winchester model 1200)prefix of 200.
    The following Sears Model # are all Winchester Models 70 new Model.Some have Ted Williams Prefixs or the # 53 or # 73 in front.273.532780,23.31020,273.1390,273.1400,273.1830,273.1840,273.1850,273.1860,273.1870,273.31010,273.31060,273.32020,273.32030,273.32040,273.532061,273.532071,273.532081,273.53403,273,53406,273.53409,273.32010.

    Harrington & Richardson guide,if your pistol cylinder holds 7 rounds in .22 cal or 5 rounds in .32 it is a small frame,if the clinder holds 6 rds in .32 or 5 rds of .38 it is a large frrame,and if the quill is smooth and the trigger has a 1/2 round bump on top,it is a old model.the new model has a thread on the quill.H & R name quide,Thames Arms Co,Victor,Young Arerican.

    Big 5 (united Merchand) Private Label guide.
    Model 5 is a Marlin model 60.
    Model 3000 is a Marlin 30AS.
    Model 600 is a Marlin Model 60.
    Model 700 is a Marlin model 70.

    Okalahoma Tire & Supply Private Label quide.
    Model 30 is a Marlin 30A.
    Models 65,6060,6079,6080,6081,6082,6083,6084,6085,6086, and model 6087, are all Marlin Model 60.
    Models 3030,3079,3080,and model 3081 are all Marlin Model 30A.
    Models 3082,3083,3084,3085,3086,and Model 3087 are all Marlin Model 30AS.

    Woolco Model 75-20 is a Marlin Model 75C.
    Remington interchangeable parts list.
    Carrier dog used in mod m/1100,878,870,spts all gauges 11-48 (12,16,20 ga)
    Ejector ,mod 700,721,722,725,660,600 all cal except .222 /223.
    Ejector M700,760,660,600 all cal except .222/223
    Ejector M870,spts 58 (16 ga)
    Ejector M870 spts ,878 (12 ga)
    Ejector M870 spts ,58 (20 ga)
    Extractor for m/1100 12,16,20 ga,and 20 lw,lt,Models , 870,58 and 11-48 in 12,16 and 20 ga and model 878.
    Extractor for models 1100 and 870 in 28 gauge.
    Extractor for models 740,and 742 all calibers,and 760 except cal in 222 and 223.
    Extractor for models 700,788 except cals 222,222 mag,22/250,308,243,6mm.
    Extractor for modeld 760 in 222 cal,model 70 in cal 222, 222 rem mag .223 model 788 in 222 model 600 and 660 in cal 222.
    Extractor model 700 in 7mm,264,30-06,350 rem mag model 660 in 6.5 rem mag,350 rem mag model 600 in 6.5 rem mag and 350 rem mag .
    Extractor pluger model 1100 12,16 20,20lt,lt20 gauges.model 870 12,16,20,28 gauges,Spts 58 12,16,20 gauges,models 878 and 11-48 all gauges.
    Extractor spring model 11-48 all gauges.Etractor springs model 870 410 cal.
    Firing pin model 1100,11-48,Spt 58,878 870 all gauges.
    Front sight,model 740,760,721,722,870,1100RSS.
    Front sights for models 700 and 660.
    Hammer model 11-48 all gauges,870,Spts 58 in 12,16,20 gauges,878 models.
    Hammer for models 740,742 and 760.
    Hammer for model 1100 in 12,16,20 gauges.
    Hammer for model 1100 28,410 20LW,LTR 20,model 870 in 28 and 410.
    Mag Tube assy inside part for model 572 and 552.
    Mag tube assy inside part for model nylon 12 and 512X.
    Safety for model 1100,870 11-48,Spts 58 all Gauges.and models 742,760,572,552and 740.
    Sear for model 1100,870,11-48,878,Spt58 all gauges,modelds 742,760,740,572,and 552.
    Stock bearing plate model 11-48 in gauges 12,16,and 20 ga,model 1100,870,Spts 58,878all gauges.
    Stock bearing plate plate for models 11-48 in 28ga and 410,and models 740,742 and 760.
    Trigger assy models 1100,870,11-48,Spts 58 878 in all gauges,and models 740,742,760,572,552.
    Most parts from a Savage model 720 will interchange with a Remington model l 1.
    Harrington & Richardson year of Manufacture
    year Letter

    1940, A,

    US Krag serial Numbers at beginning of the given year, and the Arms Produced in that given year.
    Starting with year 1894 ,Serial #1 to Serial # 8000 starting in year 1895,in year 1896 serial # start at 30000,in year 1897serial # start at # 62000,in year 1898serial # start at 91000,in year 1899serial # start at 162000,in year 1900serial # start at 250000 ,in year 1901 ,in year 1902serial # start at 368000.
    Model 1892 Rifle.Year 1894 914 Rifles made,year 1895 14,491 rifles made,year 1896 6,407 rifles made,year 1897 2,750 rifles made.
    Model 1892 Carbines,Only one rifle made in 1894 and 1895.
    Model 1896 Rifles,18,825 there was 18,825 rifles made in 1897 19,848 rifles made,in 1898 23,220 rifles made.
    Model 1896 Carbines,in year 1896 7,941 carbines made,in year 1897 14,122 Carbines made.
    Model 1898 Rifles,in year 1898 39,164 rifles made in 1899 83,274 rifles made,1900 49,069 rifles made,1901 41,471 rifles made,in year 1902 65,258 rifles made.
    Model 1898 Carbines,in the year 1898 there was 5,001carbines made,and in 1899 1 carbine made.
    Model 1899 Carbines,in the year 1898 there was 5,150 carbines made,1900 10,101 carbines made,1901 20,620 carbines made,102 180 carbines made.
    Model Cadet Rifles,only 404 rifles made in 1896.
    Model Sniper,only 6 made in 1901.
    Model for Board of Ordinance and Fortification Rifles,only 100 made in 1901.
    Deciamal Equilalents table.
    1/64 is 0.01562 / 1/32 is .03125 / 3/64 is.0468 / 1/16 is .0625 / 5/64 is .07812 / 5/64 is .07812 / 3/32 is .0937 / 7/64 is .10937 / 1/8 is .125 / 9/64 is .14062 / 5/32 is .1562 / 11/64 is .1718 / 3/16 is .1875 / 13/64 is .203125 / 7/32 is .21875 / 15/64 is .2343 / 1/4 is .250 / 17/64 is .265625 / 9/32 is .28125 / 19/64 is .2968 / 5/16 is .3125 / 21/64 is.32812 / 11/32 is .34375 / 23/64 is .3593 / 3/8 is .375 / 25/64 is .3906 / 13/32 is .40625 / 27/64 is .4218 / 7/16 is .4375 / 15/32 is .4687 / 31/64 is .4843 / 1/2 is .500 / 33/64 is .5156 / 17/32 is .53125 / 35/64 is .5468 / 9/16 is .5625 / 37/64 is .5781 / 19/32 is.5937 / 39/64 is .6093 5/8 is .625 / 41/64 is .6406 / 21/32 is .65625 / 43/64 is .6718 / 11/16 is .6875 / 45/64 is .703125 / 23/32 is .7187 / 47/64 is .73437 / 3/4 is .75 / 49/64 is .7656 / 25/32 is .78125 / 51/64 is .7968 / 13/16 is .8125 / 53/64 is .828125 / 27/32 is .84375 / 55/64 is .85937 / 7/8 is .875 / 57/64 is .8906 / 29/32 is .90625 / 59/64 is .9218 15/16 is .9375 / 61/64 is .9531 / 31/32 is .9687 /63/64 is ..9843 .
    Common metric treads,the first # Diameter of screw in mm second # is Pitch in mm ,3 is 0.5,4 is 0.75 ,5 is 0.75,6 is 1.0,7 is 1.0,8 is 1.25 (most be the fine thread),9 is 1.0,9 is 1.25( fine),10 is 1.5,11 is 1.5,12 is 1.5 (cource),12 is 1.75 (fine),14 is 2.0,16 is 2.0,18 is 2.5,20 is 2.5,22 is 2.5(cource),22 is 3.0,24 is 3.0.Pitch is the same as threads per inch/mm. Tread pitch is the Distance measured from a piont on a thread to a correspondind point on the next thread,pitch is caluculated by dividing threads per inch (TPI) into 1 inch.if you have a tapped hole and know the tpi divide the thread depth by its pitch or multiply its tthread depth by tpi.
    Shotgun bore diameters (average) makers may very a little.
    10 gauge .775,12 gauge is .729,16 gauge is .662,20 gauge is .615,28 gauge is .550,.410 bore is .410.
    Rockwell c scale,these # are how hard, and or soft a receiver ,or bolt need to be heat treated to,use at own rick always see a metals expert before shooting a firearm that has been in a Fire or has poor metal/heat treatment like the old eddystones 1917 ,and some of the Chinese made 98 Mauser actions from WW2 to name a few. I read all the time about Guns blowing up in the field. P O Ackley's,G & A have a very good story called (BLOWUP!)why rifles let go!If you want to learn more,Readthe,nov 1965 is the date.Guns And Ammo).always see and Gunsmith if you have any ? about the safety of your firearm.
    Nickel-steel Receivers 40-44.
    Nickel-steel Bolts 43-47
    Carbon steel receivers 34-39
    carbon steel bolts 36-40.

    The first of any S.A.E number indicates the class to which the steel belongs.understand each steel company has there own guide,and most firearms parts are made out of 4140 or cold rolled (Soft)or tool steel, if you need to harden something you (must) know the kind of metal you have,each steel company has diffent code,( mostly a paint color),once you find a steel company ask for the Id book or source book whatever they call it,The book has there steels and what properties there steel or products are make from in %.and there color codes.tell them what you plan to make and they can tell you if you are using the right kind of steel,tool steels can be found at most Machine shops or Machine tooling stores,(The people that sell lathes Mills Ect).some steels need to be heated up to a set point and thrown in oil,so in water,so need carbon packed around the part to make the surface hard.Ask a gunsmith or a job shop machinist.
    Carbon Steel 1.
    Nickel steel is a 2.
    Nickel-Chromium Steel 3.
    Molybdenum Steel 4.
    Chromium Steel 5.
    Chromium-Vanadium steel 6.
    Tungsten Steel 7.
    Silico-Managanese steel 8.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 250,255,270,275&290.S&W Mumber 1 Revolver,Beretta Bantan Striker and Springs view,LLAMA .22 pistol,Franchi Aristocracrat DB Shotgun,LLama .38super /.45 Auto /.32/.380 .22 .25 pistols.LLama Martial Revolver Mod xxvi,xxvii,xxviii.Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifle/Carbine, Luger 1908,Peerless Double Set trigger Mauaer 98 FNActions,Steyr Mannlicher SL,L.S&W .38 MIltatary Police Mod 10,Fox Mod B-BST-BDL Shotgun dbl,Stevens 530,530A,311,311A,311c 5100-311a,530a @ BIS/AS/DIS. .These Manuals are not for sell ,but if I can help you repair your firearm, I will,by telling you what the Manuals say. Many more not listed yet.
    Williams Peep Sight Quide, the mod # is stamped on bottom under williams in white. the guide is Broken down as follows the Model # the what that Model # fits. FP 03 o3 Springfield,FP 12,37 Win 12,1200,1400,150,190,250,255,270,275,290,Ithacam-37,Remspt 48,58,11-48,1100,870,and most flat top receivered pumps and auto loader.FP14 Rem 14,141 FP17 Enfield ,rem express,british patten 14,.FP 30 CAR US 30 CARBINE,FP- 36 marlin 36,336,444,44 mag,93 & Sears Higgins lever action center fire rifles,FP 39 Marlin 39a lever action,FP 52 Win 52 sporter and other round receivers,FP 70, Win 70,54,721,722,725,REM MOSSBERG 800, FP 70 APRem 70's 670's 770,with hi sight line Rem 700 Mossberg 800,BSA,Mossberg 3000.,FP 71 Win 71,86,05,07,10.FP 88-100 Win 88,100,Marlin 56,57,62,99 auto,Sako Finnwolf.FP 94,Win 94,55,64,65,63,Sears 241,Browning center fire lever actions.FP 95 Win 95,FP 98 MAUSER,HUSQVARNA, WEATHERBY MARK V right & left ,BRNO W/O dovetail receiver.FP-98-APBrowning high power bolt Rem 700 LH,FP-99 LATE MOD 99 WITH TOP TANG SAFETY,fp 110 savage 110 left or right,FP 121 REM M12,121,fp 340 Stevens-Savage 322, 325,340,342.FP 600 Rem 600,660 bolt .FP740 AP Rem 742 high SN 572 BDL,552 BDL Savage 170.FP 760/740 late Rem 760/740 above SN 65046 Rem 572,552,66,Colt auto Win 250,270,290.FP788 Rem 788. FP 788 LH Rem 788 left.FPA3 Springfield 03A3.FPBAR Browning auto.FP CGH Crown Grade Husqvarna,Smith &Wession rifle.FP FN Factorty drilled tapped FN/Dumoulin Mark x ,Daisy 99.FP JAP JAP 25,31 cal rifles.FP KRAG kRAG. fp n krag Norwgian krag. FP RU Ruger 44 mag carbine 22lr 10-22.FP S&L Schultz & larsen 54J, 60 ,66 DL.FPSMLE British lee enfield.FPSSM square sterned auto shotgun Rem 8,81.FP SW 1911,Swiss 7.5. @ BIS
    The Danish M-89 Krag trigger guards measurements, Inletted into the wood, are 3.797 long,.589 wide,centerline mounting holes 2.945.Thanks.
    Metric cartidge conversion table,The first # is in metric,,and the second # in in inches,
    4mm is .1574,4.3mm is .16929,4.5 mm is .177165,5 mm is .196850,5.5 mm is .216535,5.6 is .22047,6mm is .236220,6.35mmis .24999,6.5 mm is .255905,7mm is .27559,7.5mm is .2952,7.56 is .2976,7.6mm .299212,7.62mm is .2999, 7.63mm is .3009, 7.65mm is .301180, 7.7 mm is .30314, 7.8mm is .30708,8.15mm is .320855,9mm is .35433,9.1 mm is .35826,9.3 mm is .36614,9.5mm is .374015,10.35 mm is .40747,10.75mm is .423227,11.15mm is .43896,11.21mm is .44094,11.25mm is .4622.
    SIGHTS Quide.
    The standard for dovetails on firearms is 3/8 and a 90 degree angle cut,.3750" across and a .093" angle measurements.are the standard.Here is a list of sights and what they fit by maker and model #.
    Redfield m,94 carb,# 251,overall height .260,overall lenght .750,dovetail width 3/8 dovetail depth .093 and overall width .290.
    M64 #252,Same Model as m94 carb, except the overall width is .340

    The Dockendorff sights ,by model # fit the following weapons.
    #375ls fit stevens models 70,80,favorite models.height .562".special dove tail.
    #400c fit marlin model 36.
    #54 model fits blade win,model 54.
    #03 model fit US,Gov,1903 special dove tail.
    #S22 fits US,Gov,M1-M2,Target .22 cal,specal dovetail.
    #17E,Fits Enfield model 1917,special dove tail.
    #800d fits Quick Detachable -Target Rifles.special dove tail.

    Lyman Sight guide,call if you want the detailed drawings or measurements of these sight Models listed..
    Model AA,FA,JA,LA,NA,SA are sight blades used on the Springfield to replace the service ,front blade.
    Model XFA,XNA,are sights,model/type (17a) to replace the springfield movable lug.
    Models BB,EB,FB,GB,IB,JB,LB,NB,PB,are sights model/type (24,26,AND 32)to fit Win,86,92,and 94 carbine model rifles.
    Model AE,CE,EE,GE,Are Sights for the Savage featherweight below sn #260,000, and Savage model 20 with sn below 9000,the sights come in /model/type (24,26,or 32).
    Model AF,CF,GF,Are sights for the Savage 99 Featherweight with SN below #260.00 and Savage Model 20 but a little longer 37/64 instead of 21/64.
    Model ,OE AND UG,Are for the Remington model 30.Comes in (17a,24,26,and 32)type sights.
    Models,IA,IB,IC,Are for the Remington 720.
    Model MK,Is for the Krag Jorgensen,comes in sight/types (17A,24 26 AND 32).
    Model GM is for the Marlin Carbine,comes in (24,26,and 32 type sights).
    Model EH,OH,UH,Are for the model 30S Remington

    Here is some useful gunsight information,If you do not know how to tell screw size and pitch (thread per inch)take the screw or the tapped hole to a Machine shop or a gunsmith,or buy your self a pitch gauge and a Dial Caliper or a Micrometer,the going rate around here to have a receiver drilled and tapped for a scope or sights is $8 a hole.
    Winchester came from the factory with a front and rear sights that use a dovetail sight measureing .375 or 3/8 female.and most of the tang sights have a hole spacing of 2.175" center to center using a 7/32-28 BSF thread with a front mounting screw of 3/16-32 BSF thread,and the Receiver sights have a .525 or a .600 center to center spacing and are tapped for the 6-48 screw pitch.
    Stevens firearms use for the front sights dovetail either a .437" 7/16 or a .321" 5/16 wide and a .212" 9/32 rear dovetail.
    Stevens used a 1.500" spacing on the tang sights and either a 5-40 unc or 8-40 unef screw size and pitch,and the receiver sights holes are .300" or .600" and use a 5-40 or 6-48 screw size and pitch.
    Sharps gunsights use a front female dove tail of .4375"7/16 and .475"/.500" female dovetail for the rear sight,the tang sights have a 2.28" spacing on the long bases and a 1.125" spacing on the short base and the screw size and pitch is 3/16-28.
    Savage arms both the front and rear dovetail sights are 3/8 wide at the baseand the receiver holes are either .900 or .600 between centers and use either a 6-48 or a 8-40 fine size and pitch screw.tang sights have a spacing of 1.125 between centers and use a 8-40 sized screw with a 40 unef thread.
    Remington front dovetails are .375 or .437 wide at the base and the front dovetails are .313 or .375 wide at the base,the tang sight holes are 1.93 between centers and used either a 10 or 3/16 screw size with a pitch of 10-32 unf or 3/16-36 bsf.
    Mossberg front and rear dovetail sights are .375" wide at the base,and Mossberg tang sights have a 1.125" between hole centers,and use a 8-40 screw.the receiver sights have a .625"space between hole centers and use a 10-32 screw.
    Marlin front and rear dovetail sights are .375"wide at the base and Marlin Tang sight have a space of 1.125 between centers,and use a 5-40 screw and pitch or a 8-40.Marlin receiver sights have a .600" or .775 spaceing between centers and use a 6-48 sized screw.
    Maynard Gun sights havea front dovetail of .3125",.375".or .4375"at the base and the rear dovetail is mainly .3125" at the base,and the Tang sight holes are .875 between hole centers.
    Colt gunsights ,A Colt Front dovetail Measurers either .3125 or .375 at the base and so are the rear Dovetail sights.

    For Gun Parts go to

    The table gives common bore measurements for the cartridges,use the table as a guide only to refenerence unmarked or unknown barrels the table is broken down as follows ,Caliiber, maker,bore diameter,groove diameter and twist of rifleing,(this is a guide only)if unsure of anything about a firearm see a Gunsmith so you and the firearm do not end up in pieces.please note as a machinist the symbol o with a / threw it means Diameter So I am Going to use the o to symbol the word diameter after The word Bore and Grove, this computer does not have the proper symbol.
    For Rifles
    .22 short all makers bore diameter .218,groove diameter .223 twist of rifleing 20"
    .22 lr. all makers,bore o,.218 grove o,groove 0 .223,twist of rifleing 16"
    .22 WRF, Winchester,bore o .219,groove o .226,twist of rifleing 14".
    .22 WCF,Winchester,.218 bore o,groove o .2235,twist of rifling 16".
    .22 Hoernet,all makers,.bore o,.218,groove o .2235,16" twist of rifleing.
    .218 BEE,all makers,bore o .218,groove o .224,twist of rifling 16".
    .219 ZIPPER ,Winchester,bore o .218,groove o .224,twist of rifling 16"
    .22/250 ,Diffenent between BBL makers,bore o .218 o,groove o .224,twist of rifling 14"
    .220 Swift,Winchester.bore o .219,groove o .224,twist of rifling 14".
    .22 Savage ,savavage ,bore o .221,groove o ..226,twist of rifling 12".
    6mm LEE,Winchester,bore o .236,groove o ,groove o .243,twist of rifling 7 1/2".
    .25 Stevens RF.,Stevens ,bore o .2495,groove o .257.twist of rifling 17".
    .25-20 WCF,Winchester,.250 bore o,groove o .257,twist of rifling 14".
    .25-20 SS. SAME AS ABOVE.
    .25-35 WCF,Winchester.bore o .250,groove .257 groove o,twist of rifleing 8".
    .25-36 Marlin ,Marlin ,bore o .250,groove o.256,twist of rifling 9".
    .25 remingtom,remington ,bore o .250,groove o .257,twist of rifling 12".
    .250/3000, Savage,savage,bore o .250,groove o .257,twist of rifling 14".
    .257 Roberts,all makers,bore o.250,groove o.257,twist of rifling 10".
    6.5mm Mannlicher,steyr,bore o .256,groove o .263,twist of rifling 7 1/2".
    .256 ,Newton,newton,bore o,.256,groove o .264,twist od rifling 10".
    .270, Winchester,Winchester,bore o .270,groove o .278,twist of rifling 10".
    7mm ,Mauser,Mauser,bore o .276,groove o.285,twist of rifling 8.66".
    7mm,Mauser US Made ,wild cats,bore o.276,Groove o .284,Twist of rifling 10".
    .280 Ross,,Ross,.bore o .280,groove o .289,twist of rifling 8.66".
    .30 WCF,OR 30-30 WIN.,Winchester,bore o .300,Groove o .308,twist of rifling 12".
    .30 Remington,,Remington,bore o .300,groove o.308,twist of rifling 12".
    .30 US (30-40),Sprinffield Armory,bore o .300,grove .3085,twist of rifling 10".
    .30-06,Springfield Armory,,bore o .300,groove o .308,twist od rifling 10".
    .30 Newton,Newton,bore o .300,groove o .309,twist of rifling 10".
    .300 Savage,Savage,bore o .300,groove .308,twist of rifling 12".
    .300 H&H,Winchester,.bore o .300,groove o .308,10" twist of rifling.
    .303 British,British,bore o .303,groove .312 groove,twist 10".
    .303 savage,Savage,.bore o .300,groove o 308,twist of rifling 12".
    .32-20WCF,Wichester,bore o .300,groove o .311,twist of rifling 20".
    .32-40,Wichchester,bore .312,groove o.320,twist of rifling 16".
    .32 RF,Stevens,.2985 bore o,groove 314 goove o,twist of rifling 25".
    .32 Remington,Remington,bore o .312,groove o .319,twist of rifling 14".
    .32 Win Special,Winchester,bore o .315,groove o .320,twist of rifling 16".
    .32 Win S.L,Winchester,bore o .312,groove o.321,twist of rifling 10".
    8mm Mauser,Mauser,bore o.312,groove o .324,twist od rifling 9 1/2".
    .33 Winchester,Winchester,bore o .330,groove o .338,twist of rifling 16".
    .348 Winchester,Winchester,bore o .340,groove o ..348,twist of rifling 12".
    .35 Winchchester,,Winchester,bore o .350,groove o .358,twist of rifling 16".
    .35 Remington,Remington,bore o .349,groove o .356,twist of rifling 16".
    .35 Win.S.L,Winchester,bore o .344,groove o,.351,twist of rifling 12".
    .351 Win.S.L.,Winchester,bore o .345,groove o.351,twist of rifling 16".
    .35 Whelen,Wildcat,bore o .350,groove o .3575,twist of rifling 14".
    .35 Newton,Newton,bore o .350,groove o .359,12"twist of rifling
    .375 H&H,Winchester,bore o .368,groove o .375,twist of rifling 12".
    .38-40 WCF,Winchester,bore o .395,groove o .400,twist of rifling 36".
    38-40 WCF,Remington,bore o .395,groove o,.400,twist of rifling 20".
    .38-55,Winchester,bore o .370,groove o .379,twist of rifling 36"-20".
    .38-56,Marlin,bore .370,groove o .379,twist of rifling 20".
    .38-70 WCF,Winchester,bore o .370,groove o .380,twist of rifling 24".
    .38-72 WCF,Winchester,bore o .370,groove o .380,twist of rifling 22".
    .38-90 WCF,Winchester,bore .370,groove o .380,twist of rifling 26".
    .40-50 Sharps,Winchester,,bore o .397,groove o .404,twist of rifling 18".
    .40-60 Win,Winchester,bore o .397,groove o .404,twist of rifling 40".
    .40-65 Win ,Winchester,bore o .397,groove o.403,twist of rifling 20".
    .40-82 Win,Winchester,bore o .397,groove o .403,twist of rifling 28".
    .40-90 Sharps,Winchester,bore o .397,groove o 403,twist of rifling 18".
    .40-110 Win,Winchester,,.397,groove o.403,twist of rifling 28".
    .400 Whelen,wild cat,bore o.400,groove o .410,twist of rifling 14".
    .401 Win S.L,Winchester,bore o .400,groove o.408,twist of rifling 14".
    .405 Win,Winchester,bore o .405,groove o .413.twist of rifling 14".
    .44-40 WCF,Winchester,bore o .4225,groove o .429,twist of rifling 36".
    .45-60 Win,Winchester,.bore o ..450,groove o.457,twist of rifling 20".
    .45-70 U.S.,Springfield Armory,bore o .450,groove o .457,twist of rifling 22".
    .45-75 Win,Winchester,bore o .450,groove o.457,twist of rifling 20".
    .45-90 Win,Winchester,bore o .450,groove o .457,twist of rifling 32".
    .45-125 Win ,Winchester,bore o .450,groove o .457,twist of rifling 36".
    .45-31/2 "Sharps,Sharps,bore o .450,groove o .458,twist of rifling 18".
    .50 Sharps,Sharps,bore o .500,groove o .509,twist of Rifling 36".
    .50-95 Win,Winchester,bore o .500,groove o.512,twist of rifling 60".
    .50-110 Win,Winchester,bore o .500,groove o .512,twist of rifling 54".
    .50-70 U.S.,Springfield Armory,.500 bore o,groove o .515,twist of rifling 42".
    .505 Gibbs,British,bore o .495,groove o .505,twist of rifling 16".
    For pistols
    .22 LR,Colt,bore o,.2175,groove o,.2235,twist of rifling 14"lelt.
    .22 LR,S&W,bore o.2175,groove o.2235,twist of rifling 15"right.
    .25acp (6.35 mm) bore o .2495,groove o .2515,twist of rifling 16" either.
    .30 Luger (7.65mm) DMV,bore o .300,groove o .310,9.85" right.
    .30 Mauser(7.63mm)Mauser,bore o .300,groove o .310,twist of rifling 8" right.
    .32 ACP (7.65 MM) ? MAKERS,BORE O .300,GROOVE O .311,16"LEFT,(COLT).
    .32-20 ,S&W,bore o .300,groove o.311,twist of rifling 12" right.
    .32-20 Colt,bore o .300,groove o .311,twist of rifling 16" left.
    .32 S&W,bore o .300,groove .312,twist of rifling 18 3/4" right.
    .32 Colt,Bore.300,groove o .311,twist of rifleing 16" left.
    .357 mag,S&W,bore o .350,groove o .357,18 3/4 " right.
    .38 Specal,S&W,bore o .350,groove o .357,18 3/4 "Right.
    .38 S&W,bore o .351,groove o .361,twist of rifling 18 3/4 "right.
    .38 ACP,Colt bore o .350,groove o .356,twist of rifling 16" left.
    .380 ACP,Colt, Same as above.
    9mm, Luger,bore o .348,groove o .354,twist of rifling 10.6" right.
    .38-40,Colt,bore o .395,groove o .401,16"left.
    .41,Colt,bore o .395,groove o,16"left.
    .44-40,Colt,bore o .4225,groove .427,twist of rifling 16"left.
    .44 Russian,S&W, bore o .4225,groove o .427,twist of rifling 20".
    .44 Special,S&W,bore o .4225,groove o.427,twist of rifling 20"right.
    .45 ACP,Colt,bore o.445,groove o.451,twist of rifling 16".
    .45 Colt,bore o .445,groove o.452,twist of rifling"16 left.
    .455 Webley,Colt,bore o .450,groove o .455,groove 16"left.
    .22LR ,bore o .217-2175 groove o .2215-.2225, rifling twist 16" number of grooves 6.
    .22 hornet ,bore o .2175-.2185,groove o .223-.224 rifling ,twist 16",number of Grooved 6.
    .22/300 bore o .2175-.2185,groove o .223-.224,rifling twist 16",number of grooves 6.
    .22/250 ,bore o .2185-.2195,groove o .2238-.2245,twist of rifling 14",number of grooves 6.
    .220 Swift,bore o .2185-.2195,groove o .2238-.2245,twist of rifling 14",number of grooves 6.
    .250/3000 bore o .250-.251,groove o .2568-2575,twist of rifling 14",nimber of grooves 6.
    .257,bore o .250-.251,groove o .2568-.2575,twist of rifling 10",number of grooves 6.
    .270 win, bore o .270-.271,groove o .2778-.2785,twist of rifling 10" number of grooves 6.
    .30-06 ,bore o ,.300-.301,groove o .308-309,twist of rifling 10"number of grooves 6.
    .300 H&H,bore o .300-.301,groove o .308-.309,twist of rifling 10",number of grooves.6.
    Limits (In general) for permissible pressures in lever action rifles.
    Winchester model 94 and 86 models 38,000 lbs.per
    Winchester model 95 and single shot models,44,000 lbs.per
    Savage model 1899-44,000 lbs.per
    krag and lee enfield .303 is about 41,000 pounds.
    Springfield,us 1917,Winchester model 54 ,Remington model 30,and Ross is 48,00 to 50,000 pounds per square inch.
    Some more generally accepted action strenght figurers.
    Winchester 86 above serial # 126,000 45,000 psi
    Winchester model 71 45,000 psi
    Savage models 40 and 45 45,000 psi
    Stevens model 325 40,000. psi
    Mauser 55,000.psi
    Winchester 54 and 70, 55,000.psi
    Winchester 95 45,000 psi
    Krag 43,000 psi
    Marlin 336 39,000 psi
    Savage 99 earlie models 40,000.psi
    Savage 99 later models 45,000. psi
    Lee Enfield 45,000 psi
    Remington 30 and 720 55,000. psi
    Remington models 721 and 722 60,000.psi
    Ross 50,000.psi
    Mauser 88 45,000. psi
    Mannlicher-Schoenauer 45,000.psi
    Norwegian Krag 45,000 psi

    Some older scope tube diameters are.
    3/4"Weaver 330,440,J 2-5,J-4,J-6 & G series.
    7/8" (22mm)Lyman Alaskan,Texan,Leupold,Zeiss Zielklein,Stith,G-88,Vectra,Noske,Hensoldt Zielklein,.
    1"weaver K2-5,k-4,k-6,Unertl Falcon,Hawk,And Condor..
    26mm Lyman Challenger.
    26 1/2 mm Hensoldt Dialytan,Zieljagd,Ziel-Dialyt,most Ajack Scopes,Zeiss Zielvier,Zielschs,Zielacht.
    30mm Zeiss Zeilmulti,Ajack 10 by 50.

    The most Common Gunsmithing Screw, Is the 6-48 it is used with, o-most all the pretreaded receivers for scope mounting, if you need to drill a receiver read and understand a Basic Gunsmithing book from the net ,book store ect,then, get a #31drill bit and a 6-48 taps,tapping wrench and tapping oil,center punch and center drill ,may be a center finder to ,and check yourself and the measurements to top dead center 20 times before making can mess up a good firearm or kill yourself/others if it is dunn wrong.Ask A Gunsmith or a machinist for help,or get a good book,but be safe.
    Screw and Thread per inch quide
    Screws Common, English pitches,the (first #,Is Threads per inch, or #, Is Pitch in inches,) and (the second #, Is the pitch in mm).These are the #,s you need to set your lathe at to cut tpi.
    tpi 0.2500" is 6.350 mm,4 1/2 tpi is .2222"or 5.644 mm,5 tpi is .2000"6 tpi is .1667"or 4.233 mm,7 tpi is .1429" or 3.629mm,71/2 tpi is .1333 english or 3.387 mm,8 tpi is .1250 english or 3.175 mm.,9 tpi .1111 " or 2.822mm,10 Screws Common, English pitches,(the first #,Is Threads per inch,or Pitch in inches), and the (second # is threads per mm) pi .100 "or 2.540 mm,11 tpi .0909 " or 2.309mm,11 1/2 .0870" is 2.209 mm, 12 tpi is .0833" or 2.117mm,13tpi is .0769"or 1.954 mm, 14tpi is .0714"or 1.814 mm,16 tpi is .0625 " or 1.588 mm, 18 tpi is .0556" or 1.411 mm, 20 tpi is .500 " or 1.270 mm,24tpi is .0417" or 1.058 mm,27tpi is .0370"or .941,28 tpi is .0357" or .907 mm,32 tpi is .0312" or .794mm,36 tpi is .0278" or .706 ,40 tpi is .0250" or .635mm,44 tpi is ..0227" or .577mm, 48tpi is .0208" or .529 mm,56 tpi is .0179" or .454 mm,64 tpi is .0156" or .397,72 tpi is .0139" or .353 mm,80 tpi is .0125" or .318 mm.

    Common firearms trigger guard stock screws threads.

    Brevex Magum Mauser 1/4 by 22.
    British Lee-Enfield 1/4 by 26.
    B.S.A Monarch 1/4 by 27.
    Centurion Mauser M98 1/4 BY 22.
    Champlin 1/4 by 28.
    FN M98 Mauser 1/4 by 22.
    French Berthier 15/64 by 26.
    Colt model 57 front and rear, 1/4 by 22 tpi.
    Enfield model, 1917, front and rear 1/4 by 30 tpi.
    German M88 Commission 1/4 by 22.
    German M98/40 .275 BY 26.
    Greek Mannlicher-Schoenauer 1/4 BY 27.
    Herter J9 and XK3 MAUSER 1/4 BY 22.
    Herter U9 1/4 by 27.
    Husqvarna .230 by 26.
    Husqvarna M8000 15/64 by 26.
    Italian Carrcano 1/4 by 25.
    Krag U.S front and rear 1/4 by 25 tpi.
    Japannese tpye 38 front and rear m6 by .9.or .228 by 28 tang screw 7/32 by 28.
    Japenanese Arisaka type 99 15/64 by 34.
    Lee Enfield No 1,MK 111 Front 1/4 by 26 tpi.
    Marlin 336 tang screw 12 by 32 tpi.
    Mausers 91,93,94,95,96,98 front and rear,1/4 by 22 tpi.
    Mauser M71/84 1/4 BY 22 FRONT GUARD SCREW.
    Mathieu 1/4 by 28.
    Pattern 14 Enfield 1/4 by 30.
    Ranger Arms Texas Magnum 1/4 by 28 center screw 7/32 by 28.
    Mossberg 800 front 1/4 by 32 and rear 10 by 32 tpi.
    Mossberg 810,front 10 by 32 tpi,rear 1/4 by 32.
    Remington 30,front and rear 1/4 by 30 tpi.
    Remington M 721 and M 722 1/4 by 28 center screw 7/32 by 28.
    Remington M 788 1/4 by 28 rear screw 7/32 by 28.
    Remington M 30 1/4 by 30.
    Remington models 600 and 660,front 1/4 by 28tpi, rear 8 by 36 tpi.
    Remington 700 front and rear 1/4 by 28 tpi,middle 8 by 36 tpi.
    Remington 720 front and rear 1/4 by 30 tpi.
    Remington models 721 and 722,front and rear 1/4 by 28 tpi,middle 8by 28 tpi.
    Remington 788,front 1/4 by 28 tpi and rear 12 by 28 tpi.
    Ruger #1 ,Forearm 10 by 32 tpi,butt stock 1/4 by 28 tpi.
    Ruger 77 front 1/4 by 28 tpi middle and rear 3/16 by 32 tpi.
    Russian Mosin-Nagant 17/64 by 32.
    Santa Barbara M98 Mauser 1/4 by 22.
    Sako 15/64 by 28.
    Sako, front and rear m 6 by 1.0.
    Savage 99 forearm 8 by 40 tpi,butstock 5/16 by 22 tpi.
    Savage 110,front and rear 1/4 by 28 tpi.
    Savage 340,front and rear 1/4 by 32.
    Springfield 03 and 03a3 front and rear 1/4 by 25 tpi or 1/4 by 28.
    Tradewinds M600 15/64 by 34.
    U.S.Krag-Jorgensen 1/4 by 25.
    U.S. Springfield M1903 1/4 by 25.
    U.S. Enfield M1917 1/4 by 30.
    Weatherby Mark V front and rear 1/4 by 28 tpi.
    Winchester 54 and 70 front ,rear middle 1/4 by 32.
    Winchester M 70 1/4 BY 32.

    Ithaca gun screw guide
    model 37
    Spring shell stop screw,3/32-48.
    Yoke screw 8-36.
    Trigger plate screw 1/4 by 32 tpi.
    Carrier locking screw 4 by 40.
    Stock bolt 1/4 by 20.
    Deer slayer front sight screw 6 by 48.
    Dummy swivel screw 8 by 36.

    Model 49
    Ejector trip screw 1/2 by 20.
    stock bolt 1/4 by 20.
    stock stud screw male 7/16 by 20 female 1/4 by 20.

    Model 66
    Forend screw 1/4 by 20.
    stock bolt 1/4 by 20.
    stock stud screw male 7/16 by 20 female 1/4 by 20.

    Model 51.
    stock bolt 5/16 by 18.
    forend nut 5/16 by 18.

    Model SKB O/U.
    pivot and top lever locking screw m2.6 by .45.
    pivot screw m13 by 1.
    safety adj m3 by .5.
    safety spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    top lever spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    top lever screw m4 by .75.
    frame tang screw m4 by .75.
    trigger plate screw m7 by .5.
    trigger locking plate m2.6 by .45.
    sear spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    selector spring screw m4 by .75.
    trigger adj screw m3 by .5.
    trigger spring retaining screw m2.6 by .45.
    cocking lever screw m3.5 by .35.
    forend lever spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    forend iron front screw m4 by .75.
    forend iron rear m4 by .75.
    stock bolt m6 by 1.
    stock bolt nut m6 by 1.
    forend wood nut m4 by .75.
    trigger quard front screw m6 by 1.

    Model SKS S/S
    top lever screw m4 by .75.
    safety spring screw m3 by .6.
    selector spring screw m4 by .75.
    trigger spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    cocking lever screw m4.5 by .5.
    cocking lever locking screw m2.6 by .45.
    sear spring screw m2.6 by .45.
    forend locking block screw m2.6 by .45.
    floor plate screw m5 by .9.
    forend iron screw m100 m5 by .9.
    forend iron m200 m5 by .9.
    forend iron screw nut m5 by .9.
    forend iron push down rod retainer screw m3.5 by .6.
    frame tang screw m4 by .75.
    kicker ejector screw m4 by .75.
    extractor retainer screw m4.5 by .5.

    forend screw type 1 m4.0 by .75/ type 2 m4.5 by .5
    forend lever screw m4.5 by .5.
    extractor screw m3 by .5.
    kicker extractor screw m4 by .75.
    top lever screw m5 by .8.
    cocking lever pin retainer screw m2.6 by .45.
    trigger plate screw m5 by .5.

    Model SKB 300/900
    Stock bolt screw m6 by 1.

    Model XL 300/900
    barrel ring bushing screw m2.6 by .45.
    stock bolt nut screw m16 by 1.

    Model LSA 55/65.
    Firing pin nut screw m5 by .9
    firing pin ,set screw m4 by .75.
    firing pin lock screw m4 by .75.
    guard rear screw m5 by .9.
    trigger adj screw m6 by 1.
    guard screw front m4 by .75.
    floor plate screw m6 by 1.
    rear sight base screw m3.5 by .6
    rear sight leaf screw m2.6 by .45.
    rear sight elevator screw m3.5 by .6.

    Model LSA Turkey Gun.
    sight blade screw m2.6 by .45.
    forend screw m5 by .9.
    trigger guard screw m5 by .9.
    trigger adj screw m4 by .75.
    stock bolt screw m6 by 1.

    Model PERAZZI O/U.
    safety spring screw m3 by .6.
    cocking bar check screw m2.6 by .4.
    cocking rod boss screw m4 by .75.
    forend screw m4 by .75.
    forend locking screw m3 by .6.
    stock bolt m6 by 1.

    Model Perazzi SBT
    Forend push down rod guide screw M7 by 1.
    cocking rod screw m2.6 by .4.
    forend push down rod retainer screw m3 by .6.
    Stock bolt m6 by 1.

    Model BSA
    front sight ranp screw 6by 48.
    windage screw 5-40.
    rear sight elevating nut 8-32.
    rear sight elevating screw 8-32.
    trigger aju screw 6-32.
    stock retaining rear/front screws 10-32.

    Model Mag 10.
    stock bolt 5/16 by 18.
    forend nut 5/16 by 18.

    Model Kick 4E/5E.
    firing pin check screw 6-48.
    hamer pin set screw 8-36.
    extractor check locking screw 6-40.
    forend screw 12-28.
    forend latch screw8-36.
    rear tang screw 8-36.
    floor plate screw 12-32.

    The following are the Shank Diameters and Receivers Diameters,and some t.p.i,, of some common firearms, Always ask and I will give this information on any BBL Shank and or receiver I have at that time.
    Mauser standard Shank O mean Diameter same as before 1.100" receiver O 1.42",Mauser Small ring Shank o .980" receiver o 1.35",1917 or 1914 Enfields, Shank o 1.125" receiver 1.1375",1903 Springfield Shank 1.040" receiver 1.35",Win models 54 and 70 shank o 1.00",receiver 1.35",Remington 721 and 722 shank 1.05" and receiver 1.35".
    Marlin 95 bbl wideth .955,shank .986 12 sg. cut tpi.
    Mosseberg 04M bbl width .750 with a shank of .637 extending 1.60 long.
    Page-lwis bbl width .690 shank .505 wide 1.00 long.
    Peabody single shot shank .965 and 10 sg. cut, t.p.i.
    Premier slide action bbl width .750 wide shank .597 with 24 tpi v cut.
    Remington model 31 bbl wideth 12 ga 1.204,16 ga 1.167,20 ga 1.180,shank width 12 ga 1.10,16 ga 1.028 20 ga 1.025 lenght of shank 12 ga .7018 16 ga .704 20ga .707the 12 and 16 ga have 14tpi sg treads and the 20 ga has 14 tpi v cut threads.
    Remington 514 bbl width .755,shank wideth .590 shank lenth .755.
    Remington rolling block cadet ,shank width .836 shank lenght 1.250 with 12 sq threads per inch.
    Remington 11-48 12 ga bbl width 1.160,shank width 1.055,shank lenght .890 includes section with out threads.
    Remington 33 bbl width .766,26 tpi v cut,shank lenght 1.00 overall with .300 treaded and .700 bare which measurers .606,thraded section od is .675 and bare sections od is .606.
    Barrel thread sizes of some common Rifle actions,The first # is the Barrel Extension Diameter,The second # is the Threads per inch and the third is the type of thread.see more Barrel treads and shank sizes on about page 22.
    Win ,#1 and #2 single shot actions .821" ,16 tpi,Vee type.
    Win, #3 Heavy single shot action .930"16 tpi,Vee type.
    Win, Models 54 and 70, 1.00",16 tpi,Vee type.
    Win, 07 model .746" ,20 tpi,vee type threads.
    Win, 86 and 71 models .875" ,20 tpi ,vee type.
    Win, models 92 and 53 models .805 20 tpi ,vee type.
    Win,94,55,and 64 ,.805", 20 tpi and vee type threads.
    Win, 95, .930" and 16 tpi,vee type threads.
    Savage, 99..900" 12 tpi and square type threads.
    Marlin, 93 and 36 models .778", 12 tpi and square type threads.
    Standard Automatic,.996" and 10 tpi,square type threads.
    Ballard, Single Shot,.950" ,18 tpi and vee type threads.
    Sharps, Borchardt,.945" 16 tpi and vee type threads.
    Stevens, ideal #44 single shot,.8125" , 20 tpi and vee type threads.
    Stevens ,44 1/2 sible shot .875" and 16 tpi, vee type threads.
    Springfield ,1.040" and 10 tpi and squared type threads.
    Enfield,1.118", 10 tpi and squared type threads.
    Rem,models, 30 and 720 1.118" and 10 tpi squared type threads.
    Norwgain, krag 1.056", 12 tpi L.H,sqaured type threads.
    Danish, Krag ,1.060", 12 tpi and vee type threads.
    Mauser, model, 98 1.100", 12 tpi vee type threads.
    Small ring sporting, Mausers, cz 33/40 .981", 12 tpi and vee type threads.
    Mauser, 88 and 93 models .985" and 12 tpi and vee type threads.
    Belgian, Mauser .995" and 12 tpi,vee type threads.
    Austian Steyr, 95, 1.060", 12 tpi and vee type threads.
    Jap Ariskaka, 6.5 mm 1.026", 14 tpi and vee type threads.
    Jap Ariskaka, 7.7mm,1.025", 17 tpi vee type threads.
    Colt Woodman pistol Shank 1.525 with .800 non treaded,32 t.p.i on .555 and untreaded section is .455.
    Colt police Positive,treaded section o.d is .455 and a lenght of .725 with a section 7/64 not threaded witha o.d of .338.32 tp.

    Some stock Measurments to help ID what that wood fits.
    Remington 700 short actions the trigger guard screws are spaced 6 1/2 " apart,And on the long action the Trigger guard screws are spaces 7 3/8 apart,the rem 700 BDL has a floor plate and the ADL Has a trigger guard only.
    Winchester model 21 made from 1930 till 1959 the forend for the beavertail skeet and field is 9 5/8" (12ga)and the Beavertail trap,duck,and Magnum forend is about 11" (12Ga) after 1950 Winchester put in a metal plate to help with recoil.
    LC Smith , the tang on a Regular frame, hammerless made from 1895-1913 measurers 3/8"and the tang measurers 7/16" if the shotgun was made between 1913-1945.the forarm for a splinter type measurers 1 5/8"wide at the rear if the shotgun was made between 1880-1950 and 1 1/2 "if made later.
    To help identify a stevens double bbl with out markings use this guide these measurements are from the tip of the receiver to the end of the tang stevens model 225 and 235 measurer 2 7/16",model 311 seriers 1 measurers 3 1/8", model 311 seriers 2 measurers 3 1/4" ,model 315 meaurers 2 5/8", model 335 measurers 3 7/32", model 355 measurers 3 19/32", and the model 515 measurers 2 7/8".
    All field grade for ends on the winchester model 12 Measurer 7" long.
    See Mauser guide above.
    See savage 99 guide above.

    Woods for Gunstocks and How they Rate.
    Acacia is a medium weighted wood and checkers well,is stong and is very hard.
    Apple is medium in weight,is good for ckeckering and strenght,and very hard.
    Ash is a heavy wood,but only fair for checkering, and is very strong and hard.
    Balsimo is a medium weght wood ,checkers very well and good in strenght and hardness.
    Beech is medium in weight,fair for checkering and good for hardnessand strenght.
    Birch is a light wood so it checkers poorly,but is good in strenght and hardness.
    Blackwood ,is mostly for forend tips or grip caps it is fair in weight ,checkers well,and is very good in strenght and hardness.
    Cherry,is fair in weight and good for checkering and very good in strenght and hardness.
    Ebony,is used mainly for caps and forends tips,it is weights alot,and is very good for checkering ,strenght and hardness.
    Maple,(sugar,Rock,Black ) are heavy,good for checkering,and very good for strenght and hardness,Red,Paciific,and Gueensland Maples are poorer woods for the gunstock.
    Messquite,is very heavy,very good for checkering and strenght,and hardness.
    Myrtle,is faily heavy,fair for checkering,and strenght,and poor in strenght.
    Rosewood is mainly used in forends and grip caps,it is a heavy wood and is pretty good in strenght,checkers well and is fairly hard.
    Teak,is a heavy wood,will not checker well,is pretty strong and very hard.
    Walnuts are mainly pretty heavy woods ,and very good in strenght,checkering hardness and strenght,with Black Walnut being the best,with Circassian a close second.
    Firing Pin Protrusion,The normal firing pin Prortusion for a center fire high power Rifle is .055 to .065 or about 1/16" less will not fire the primer and more may pierce the primer (very Dangersous).
    The 3 major types of firing pins are
    Inertia firing pins-like in the colt .45 pistol ,Atapered pin, with a (retracting spring)spring in front of the pin to push the pin backwards,most top break use this kind,So if the spring breaks, that is why the breach is hard to open on a top break the pin is sagging on something.
    Supported firing pin-like in the Win 94 or Marlins lever Rifles the hammer Supports the firing pin.
    Fixed firing pins-used on Used on Machine Guns,as the fire arm locks up the pin and Hammer are close behind.
    Lock time is the time it takes the firing pin after being released from the sear or hit by the hammer to cause ignition of the primer,the 1903 lock time is about .0057.lock time is changed by reducing the firing pin travel or putting in stronger firing pin springs,The Mauser and Springfield 1903a3 have a firing-pin travel of about 5/8" and most modern bolt action have a firing-pin travel of about 3/16".If to strong a firing-pin spring is put on the firing-pin it can cause a pierced primer causing the gas to come out the primer hole.
    Most firing pin spring are driven by a coil spring now days,but v springs are used mainly with shotguns and the leaf springs are on alot of the older guns.
    W.R.Weaver Company Mount Base Specification guide.
    No of Base,lenght of Base, hole spaceing on base ,Diameter on base ,thickness of base.
    11,.812,.504 1.290,.147
    14 .812,.504,tapered for savage 99.
    27,.812,.504,..930 tapered,.161/.185.
    28,812,.504,.flat .239.
    30,.812,.504,..845 tapered .205/230.
    49a,1.058 win 70 in 375 OR 300 H and H ONLY .368.
    50,4.500,.504,FLAT TAPERED .200/232.
    53,4.983,WIN 88,100,1.290,.222.
    59,.812,ONE HOLE ONLY,NOTCHED,.366.
    60,4.500,Browning.22 auto HandR, topper,.361.
    62,4.430,rem 740,760,1.290,.222,.
    63A,6.125,Marlin 336,flat,.283.
    63B,5.450,Marlin 336,flat,.370.
    70,5.900,rem 600,1.290,.275.
    74,5.723,savage 24V,1.125,.275.
    76,.812,one hole only,1.050,.310.
    77,.812,.504,.700 tapered,.248/.267.
    78,.812,.504,.880 tapered,.171/.198.
    81,6.000,Hand R360,361,946 tapered,.237/.252.
    82,6.000 Hand R Topper 158C,1.050 .396.
    86,.862,.555,..925 tapered,.366/396.
    87,5.000,H and R 700,1.050,.400.
    88,.5.900 Mossberg 500AS,1.500,.496.
    90,5.000,mARLIN 39a,.300f/.428r.
    92,4.5000,thompson contender,.361.
    93,4.430,rem 4,6,7400,7600,1.290,.222.
    TO-9,4.750,Ruger10/22 2.000 tapered,.155/170.
    Pivot Mount Bases.
    114,.812.504,tapered for savage 99.
    159,.812,one hole only,notched,.,367.
    162,4.430,rem 740,760,1.290,.223.
    163A,6.125,Marlin flat,.284.
    170,5.900,rem 600,1.086,.275.
    193,4.430,rem 4,6,7400,7600,1.290,.223.

    Browning ckoke identifation guide.the following marks are stamped on the chokes.
    Full *
    Imp Mod *-
    Mod **
    Imp.Cyl **-
    Skeet **S-
    Cyl ***

    Remington Dates of Manufacture
    Elliott Pepper box Derringer Stated in 1863 ended in 1888.
    Elliott Zig Zag Derringer Start 1861 ended 1862.
    Rider Single Shot Derringer Started 1860 ended 1863.
    New pocket Revolver started 1863 ended 1888.

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